buying new exige S

Any one got advice what to watch out for.

I have been watching the forum for a week or two & have picked on a few bits
any help would be nice


Your next step is to do a search on the word ‘advice’ over the last 5 years. That should give you some more interesting reading.


go to B&C, ask for scott walker, that’s my advice.

PM me for more details

whatever you do once you have got it take it on the track

Any one got advice what to watch out for.

Don’t buy new, depreciation over first 6/12 months is high. Source good s/h car - from dealer if you wish.

Hi 2 fast see my post for the deal I got yesterday on a 3 month old car

Went 2 B&C this morning drove a lifestyle red one with cream interior, didnt like the red in photos but did look nice in the flesh its got the touring pack they said there willing to let me have it at �34K its 07 plate but would rather pay �31-32