Buying a second hand Exige

Not all of us have the money to buy their dream car of the shelf

What defects should I look for when buying an Exige (common faults, mk changes etc)

While at it, how does this thing drive in Winter ? Should I leave it in the garage ?

I asked the same thing.

See thread ‘Any pointers?’


No all remains is the “drive in winter” question.

Winter is no problem. The only weather hazard is ‘standing water’. Hit it at speed and you aquaplane.

Warm it up first, no problem. Used it every day for a year to the station (not that I’d recommend that and now use a Puma instead).

On frosty days you can feel it through the wheel!


Mines used almost everyday rain hail or shine and deserves respect in standing water and ice - just like any other but that’s no excuse not to buy one… if you get wot i mean.