Burnt rear clam

My rear clam is singed under the silencer due to excessive heat .
Is there a mod for this or do I fit an Ally heat shield??

mine used to do this to, but my under tray used to hide it though, so i just presumed every ones used to do this and the tray just used to keep it out of sight?

Problem is the fibre glass is becoming weak and I dont know how much longer it will support the u/tray.

Got any photos of the damage?

ask junks to do a repair on it for you, he lives in suffolk aswell in Cavendish

he’s a reasonable man with reasonable prices

Did not think of Junks…He’s just round the corner from me …anybody got his number
cheers and thanks

Did not think of Junks…He’s just round the corner from me …anybody got his number
cheers and thanks

Local Police?

Alternatively, you could try 07806621088

Here’s pics of my toasted clam. Any tips on prevention? I plan to fix it soon and don’t want it to happen again.
Thanks http://gallery.seloc.org/displayimage.php?album=lastup&cat=0&pos=0[/image]](http://gallery.seloc.org/displayimage.php?album=lastup&cat=0&pos=0[/image) [image]http://gallery.seloc.org/displayimage.php?album=lastup&cat=0&pos=1[/image]

That’s not a common area to be overheating.
Looks to me like you’re running a little rich on the overrun and spitting flames?

Some people like flames from their rears , but that’s the kind of result you get…

It was burnt before I got the car. I was thinking the same thing. Doesn’t seem to be running too rich now, so should be OK? I was wondering how this compared to others cars.

[image]SELOC | Lotus Enthusiasts Club

[image]SELOC | Lotus Enthusiasts Club

Assuming the reference is to these pics(?). It looks like your tailpipe does not stick out of the rear clam enough…

Well spotted!

And if it’s a Janspeed it can be adjusted in length a little.

Thanks for the tip, I need to de-clam soon, I’ll try adjusting John

it’s not necessary to remove the rear clam, just remove the difuser and you should be able to adjust from underneath.

Had it much worse on my S1 (bubble the size of a snooker ball). Only solution was to extend the exhaust trim by about 1.5 inches. Caused by low pressure under the car, drawing the hot exhaust gases downwards.

I’ve got all sorts of fun ahead, not to mention trying to respray the burn. It has to come off anyways. Thanks for the advice about the adjustment. John