Buggered if I know

Why oh why oh why, when I have the Emerald ECU, am I getting the 5500 misfire?

I only ever had this happen once, and it was the ignition leads. They had just worked their way a bit loose, so quick twist and all was well again.Cheers

quote:Originally posted by MarkD:I only ever had this happen once, and it was the ignition leads. They had just worked their way a bit loose, so quick twist and all was well again.CheersMark,I’m sorry this just does not make sense. High Tension electricty doesn’t break down at a certain rpm - there are no moving parts here. (and even if they did it would not be at the same rpm in all cars that suffer). They may break down at a certain load, but much more likely in the case of an engine running by ECU is a software fault. The fact that ‘tweaking’ the leads made it right for your car was, I’m sure, more to do with the fact that you had switched off and the ECU had reset. As for you Russ, perhaps you’d better check where Emerald are buying their chips - same place as Lotus by the sound of it!!Mike

Actually Russ, i had the same thing at 5K with the Emerald but never said anything before as i thought it was a fueling problem !!Do you have an adjustable FPR on yours ?

Yes, it was set up by Dave W at the last RR session - cannot remember what pressure to though. Do you still have the problem?Mark/Mike - first thing I did was check the leads, but the Magnecours seem OK.So - coil pack - known problem with the heat, orwheel sensor? - does the Emerald recognise the output from this?[This message has been edited by RussT (edited 23 February 2003).]

As I have mentioned in other threads, I have had 2 coils fail, but these have resulted in misfires at all revs. Worth checking - if you want to get a coil and find its not that, then I will buy it off you cos I will be carrying a spare this season!Cheers

I only noticed it 3 times and it was always at 5K and after i floored the throttle in 2nd gear, where as the Lotus ECU would sutter 3 times this only suttered twice and was not repeatable, i did notice on the strip down that there was a load of oil residue in the number 3 throttle body probably due to the large amount of play in the valve guides so maybe it was oil fouling on the plugs.So far, everything has been ok this time round, so as Mark says try another ignition coil, did the Magnecours have any “brown” stains on them where they connect to the plugs?The Emerald doesn’t use the wheel sensor on the offside rear.

83manAs a trained (!) Electronics Engineer, I absolutely agree with everything you say, however the 5500 RPM misfire has been reported by many people who have found a loose plug lead.Defies everything I believe as well, so the thread sums it up well, Buggered if I know!

bleedin softi ware engineers [image]http://www.exiges.com/ubb/NonCGI/images/icons/wink.gif[/image]

Just come off the phone with God (or Mr Walker to you), he suggests checking whether the ECU is getting a duff signal from the crank sensor. My rev counter reckons it has revved to 7500 today (thanks to the tell-tale), so I am going to plump for the coil. Mark, I will be ringing you if I am wrong, you will have your spare coil…Just out of interest, It was suggested to me by an Aston M engineer that one coil per cylinder could be the way forward - anyone tried this?

It is not the coil pack - just tried a new one. Crank sensor next. Do you still need one Mark?

Yep - send it over!My address is:8A Roughdown Villas RdHemel HempsteadHertsHP3 0AXCan you mail me your bank account details and the amount and I will transfer the cash directly…CheersMark

Hey MarkD,Sorry to break the thread, but we are pratically neighbours. Wanna meetup sometime once you have sorted out your problem?KevinDunstable

Yeah - but my Exige will be offroad permanently (no, not knobbly tyres) as I have just filled in my SORN declaration. And the Elise is offroad temporarily as its knackered! Let me know when you fancy a beer, or coke - my diary is usually fairly empty apart from Mondays and next Wednesday!Use email if you prefer…Cheers

Wohoooooooooooooooo!Sorted - the fuel pick up pipe in the tank had gone soft & was closing itself when under load. New one fitted, 8000 now available again. [image]http://www.exiges.com/ubb/NonCGI/images/icons/grin.gif[/image] (After I had changed the coil, crank sensor, plugs, leads, fuel filter etc. etc.)

Great news [image]http://www.exiges.com/ubb/NonCGI/images/icons/grin.gif[/image] hopefully its not a side effect of using Optimax ! Glad my 220 was mapped using 95 Ron [image]http://www.exiges.com/ubb/NonCGI/images/icons/smile.gif[/image][This message has been edited by Phil (edited 10 March 2003).]

Glad to hear you got there in the end! Any chance of mailing me your bank details again as I seem to have accidentally deleted them. Coil has arrived perfectly!CheersMark