Buggered engine

Hi all,

Unfortunately, I tracked my Exige on Sunday and had to pull off when she started to sound rather sick (very raspy and knocky)…

When I got a look at the engine, there was no bloody oil in it!!

Refilled it with oil, which improved it a bit, but not enough, so I called out the RAC and had the car trailered back home

It’s now with Lakeside Engineering and they suspect (haven’t taken it to bits yet) that the crank may be damaged and that I’m looking at a repair bill of between �3-4k!!

Has anyone else had this happen?? Is this figure about right?? Is it worth trying to get hold of a 2nd hand engine instead??

Thanks in advance

A rather peed off TT

PS Apologies to those who have already read this on SELOC


How come it had no oil in it?

Dunno mate

Unfortunately I didn’t check before going on track (and yes I know that was a stupid thing to do, but I’ve only had the car 3 weeks, the engine bay was nice and clean and the servicing was well up to date, so I assumed it was ok), so I’ll never know if it was well low to begin with or whether it lost loads during the sessions…

Sorry to hear that. I know the exact feeling as my race car knocked out the main bearings in the last race (oil pump failure) although that did the crank, block and rods!!

If I were you I would take the opportunity to stick a Honda engine in it, seeing as its likely to be very expensive whatever you do.


Sorry to be so mercinary in your time of despair - but there should be no shortage of Exige owners trying to offload their VHPD’s for around �3-4K, I know of at least 5 people who would “upgrade” to a Honda lump if they could get that sort of money for their current engine.



Sorry to hear about your engine. Mine is for sale - drop me an email with your email address/phone number, & I’ll give you full details. In short, it was rebuilt by Gav Kershaw/Scholar about 5K miles ago using motorsports parts

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