Anyone going on this run to Bruntingthorpe on the 31st of July with the SELOC club. I cant get on there web site to find out about it. If anyones going or knows of meeting times/places ect could someone let me know. It an event to raise money for something and to try and get the world record of Lotus cars gathering or something like that. Thanks Chris.

Take a look at the link under discussion session and the link below.

All the details on the site but in short, the entry fee is �25 per car which goes to charity. There are several run points throught the country that leave and head up to Bruntingthorpe around 8.30 am or if you plan on heading up later on in the day you can pay at the gate.

You’ll need to join the SELOC site to view the forumns…


I’ll be there at Brunty, looks like a fun event.

Randy not sure if you’ve signed up yet… i’m joining the Bleinheim Place run … would be nice to get a couple other Exiges to drive up together especially as were going to be outnumbered by the miriad of Elises, Elans etc…

FYI a few of us are staying at the Hanover (a few miles out of Brunty) on the Saturday so we can partake in a few beers …



Im on the reserve list for the track day if I get a place I will go straight there, otherwise will be doing the run from blenheim palace too. If I end up doing the latter we should meet first and go up in convoy. Would join you in the evening but already have arrangments to have a few beers in coventry.

Where is this Blenheim Palace then? I was going to meet at the National Motorbike Museum, i thought thats where the web site said they were meeting? What time are you guys meeting then?

Chris, there are about 5 runs that leave their designated start points at around 8 - 8.30 am on Saturday. Depending on where you live you may wish to head to the one nearest. Again the website deatils where these are.

Given im in Surrey, Bleinheim Palace (near Woodstock)is the nearest to me. These runs then converge on Bruntingthorpe Airfield for the days events.

Randy - have you managed to get on the track day ???

Mike L - will give you a shout (mobile) during the day - would be nice to put faces to names…

I am starting from IWM Duxford. Is anyone else meeting there…

Aaron, I am travelling down from P’boro to Duxford (5-6 cars)should arrive 0900, I think Carsten will be there, thats at least 3 x Ali cars?

See you there.

thats at least 3 x Ali cars?

I was going to go but not now there are so many Ali 's - common as muck… may need to switch to Gun Metal

See you guys there (Brunty) - mines the Ali one

Maggsy and I are going from Castle Combe, in his black audi-elise.

Anybody else??

07831 697788

A little bird tells me that 4 Honda powered Loti took the first 4 places in the 0 to 60mph shoot-out (no Audi powered cars took part, methinks?).

I wish that the runs had been 0 to 100mph - much more meaningful in the real world

The SELOC guys did a great job of organising the day, and praise where praise is due !!

Two audi cars were there, though the decision to go was made late and we were not able to book onto the actual track day. I spose it would have been fun pulling 150 plus on the main straight… (Make way - make way !!!) Instead, we spent a lot of time taking potential converts outside to sample the power and flexibility !! (Lawfully, of course…)

We had previously suggested on the SELOC BBS that the acceleration runs should be to 60 and 100, (and why not 150 for the cars that can do it?), to show off the real performance envelope of the various cars. (When was the last time you overtook a car on the open road by accelerating to 60??). Measuring to 100 would have removed the distortions caused by gearchange points.

Apparently they decided not to and I assume this was a technical issue - fair enough - their game - their ball!! But this was a shame cos 60 is just an arbitrary figure, and cars which need two gear changes to get there, such as the six speed audi, are at a disadvantage to those that only need one… of course their advantage disappears when they do their next gearchange…

We know that the Audi 0-100 times are sub 10 second,and this is the real measure, showing almost linear acceleration… How fast is a honda to 100, or to 150 ??

I thought the drivers did well to clock the times they did, though I understand that the fastest was actually slower than the official Lotus figure for the S1 Exige (was the surface slippery?) and only two broke 5 seconds… (I stand to be corrected, since at my age the ‘old dears’ find tannoys tough…)

That said, I understand that they only had one run each, so congrats to anyone who managed to reach 60 without fluffing the gearchange !!! (It is not so easy when the pressure is on… years of sprinting have taught me that…)

I saw several exiges with the sunstrip, but there were so many people I didn’t recognise anyone - who else was there???

My own car will be ready soon, and with at least 20% more audi power than the two doing the demos today…

See you guys next year - lets have fun !!!


What a cracking day at Brunty. Good to see some old faces and some new ones as well.

A morning spent finding out how good my Honda Exige is on track. Conclusion - bloody brilliant!! And an afternoon finding out how Maidstone’s demo car compares. Conclusion - I need Nitrons and 48’s.

The 0-60 was interesting. The track was pretty slippery and most of us only got one shot at it. I gave it far too much revs on Simon S’ advice but discovered that my Toyos don’t grip like his Yokos. Spin spin spin. Result was 5.25 secs which is not bad considering the wheel spin and the fact I had to make two gear changes. Ian Wilson was sub 5 secs in his car having got the starts down pat whilst sprinting.

Big thanks to all the organisers who did a fantastic job.

Nitrons and 048s…

Mike - sorry i didn’t make it over to have a closer look at the Audi cars. Was a bit of a hectic day and I completely forgot about it until I was on the way home! I will no doubt get the chance to have a really good look when we are at Brunty next time for the group test.

Yep well done SELOC - excellent day, good to see such a good turnout . Neat installation there Randy

Was a bit surprised at the 0 to 60 times tho’ expected them to be a tad better

Nice that Julian Thompson made it and stayed for ages - what a genuinely nice guy he is

Oh and did anyone get a photo of Charlene?

Tongue got in way of camera, I’m afraid