Bruntingthorpe Track day on Saturday

Couldn’t make Rockingham or Anglesea, but was desperate to do a track day with my new gearbox and new suspension all fitted. So after a bit of a look through Circuit Driver I was all booked up for a day at Bruntingthorpe.

I had never done a track day there before, and was pleasently surprised by the organisation and the track layout.

There was a Sport 160 Elise, several Caterfields, a few atoms, a few Ferraris and Porsches etc etc. and one Radical.

The only thing quicker than me all day was the Radical, and I have to tell ya with my slicks on there wasn’t much in it. In fact the fast corner at the end of the main straight I was taking flat in 6th at just over 125mph (with a good 90 degrees of lock on!!) and closed up a lot on the Radical a few times, until his greater straight line speed left me.

The car handled really well and the gearbox was sweet!!!. As usual my oil was getting to bloody hot (in my opinion) and saw a new high of 121 degrees. But that is this weeks job to sort.

The only other problem to raise its head is that under hard right hand cornering the engine and box moves on its mounts and the gearbox hits the chassis rail. The Quaife sequential is about an inch longer than the standard box and when in place only leaves about 10mm of space between the box and the chassis. I have called Elise parts and ordered one of there uprated engine mounts for the engine side. Nobody seems to do an uprated gearbox side mount. I know Lotus motorsport do, but I called them today and they are out of stock. So i am still scratching my head about that one.


Sounds like you have been enjoying yourself .

Which slicks are you running, out of interest, and what spring rates with them?

I managed to get hold of a few sets of A005 Yoko’s. They are 2nd hand, but still loads on them. Spring rates are 450 - 350, but I have been told that these are not comparable with Nitrons as Ohlins always run lower spring rates. I don’t know why, so I can’t really expand on that.


Give me a shout when you have used up all your Yoko’s as I have been working on something much better. Also worth remembering that with Slicks you work on number of heat cycles before they are s.hagged as opposed to how much tread is left. typically it’s about 6 heat cycles but our little Loti are kind on their tyres if set up right so you should get more than this. If you find you are getting loads of understeer don’t change the car, change the tyres…

Springs rates ARE comparable so long as the dampers are attached at the same place either end. The front rates are probably fine, if a little low but you may want to try going much higher at the rear on slicks. Don’t suppose you know what the open/closed lengths of the Ohlins are?

Cheers for the info matey. I have to say though for cost reasons in the past I have used my slicks until the wear indicators have well and truely gone!!!

Yeah I know my spring rates are a little light for slicks, I was trying to get a bit of an all encompasing comprimise, which I know isn’t ultimatly the way to go but I guess it could all get a bit complicated chaging the springs and stuff all the time.

Yes I do have the open and closed length info somewhere. I have just had a bit of a look and can’t put my hands on it. Will get it for you though matey if your interested.