Bruntingthorpe - It's the business!

Dear All,Just a quick note to say what a great venue Bruntingthorpe is!Did a day there today with Bookatrack - not at all airfield like, but more of a circuit. Good selection of tight twisties, long and fast sweeping bends and almost a 2 mile straight (yes 2 miles and 125mph.Was a bit concerned about noise test (done as a static test), as the noise limit was 100db, then reduced this morning to 98db.I thought I wasn’t going to get on, but went for the noise test anyway and measured 96db at 4500rpm!!! Most confused as I measured 104.9db at Oulton 2 weeks ago! Anyway, I didn’t argue and had the rest of a brilliant day! Bruntingthorpe comes highly recommended. (190 UG no cat and SS Exhaust)It’s probably a little further to travel for those of you “oop north” (leicester), but I’ll certainly be going again.Just thought I’d share my experirnce with you all.Giles

Cheers Giles,Just to add that we’re trying to secure some more dates for later in the year and that if you’re not doing anything this Saturday (15th June) we will be back there (and will have a TV in the pits as I think there’s something on at midday ?)