Bruno's Exige

I heard a rumour that Bruno’s Exige only made 207BHP at Emerald which is a bit dissapointing [image][/image] I guess this was down to the exhaust system where another 10BHP could be gained but then we dont have the same rescrictions as the Swiss.On the up side i also heard that he was very please with the drivability of his car.Bruno mate let us know !!!

oi Phil, nobody told me that you wouldn’t turn up…bugger…oh well, 207 bhp at 8000 but still a lot to come…212 at 8250 and still a lot to come acc. to Dave. don’t forget, my engine has only covered 10000 miles…however, the most pleasing thing is the torque curve…really nice I must admit…and the car is absolutely transformed…forget your 190 kit folks…as Phil mentioned, the driveability is amazing…cheers,Bruno

Phil/BrunoWhats the cost of the Emerald unit?Have you got their 'phone no?ThanksMike

Well done !And that sort of power came from what kind of modifications?Only the Emerald unit?

The phone number for Emerald is 0207 737 7114 and they are based in south London. Ask Dave Walker to fax you a map if you want to go there.

There is a little bit more than just fitting the Emerald ECU, the cams have been changed to the piper grind 1227, double valve springs fitted, vernier cam pulleys, the head has been ported and flowed, Bruno has the Jenvey DTH throttle bodies, i’m going to try mine first then switch to the Jenveys if i need to, New exhaust manifold and system…oh the list goes on and on, guess my final bill will be somewhere between �3500 & �4000 when i’ve finished, but not all went on the engine.

Bruno,So with the power increasing up the rev range as you expect with 1227’s, when are you going to get a steel crank and con rods and have a 9000 rpm screamer then [image][/image]p.s. Refitted my head last night, hopefully it wont be long before it’s running again [image][/image]

Uldis, the ECU does cost 500 quid and the mapping is 120 quidPhil, I already have fitted steel rods, I leave it to 8250 for the time being, don’t want to risk the engine, I know that Steve had to rev it to 8600 to get 225 bhp but acc. to Karl, only reached it once…and he is running no cat where as mine is using one.can’t risk it in this country…the spec is as Phil already mentioned…Phil, when are you going to Emerald then?later,Bruno

Not sure Bruno, off to Poland next week so i’m going to try and get as much done over the weekend as possible (other work trips are also being planned), there’s still so much to do, I will book a session shortly then aim to get it completed beforehand.Biggest problem i have is remembering where everything goes !!!

Just booked in at Emerald, first slot available 13 August !!!

I know, they are very busy…bugger eh?just hope, you get it back together in one piece…later,Bruno

oi Bruno, das t�nt ja genial, bin gespannt; bis baldPhilipp

hoi Philipp, bisch ja jetzt in London, oder?ja, ja, isch w�rklich es ganz anders auto jetzt. eso heti de Exige eigentlich scho vom werk her muese usgliefert werde…de Pam de Ronny und ich alli mit begleitig…��h…bremskl�tz g�nd morn scho nach ulriche go �bernachte…de Sam mues leider am abig no grilliere. sin vater h�t geburri…bis baldBruno