Brown Gunk!

I topped up my oil on Saturday and found a load of brown gunk and a couple of drops of water in/on the inside of the cap! A worrying sign of gasket failure I believe.However, how much is bad and, especially as the car lives outside, could it just be that a few drops have crept in and I shouldn’t worry too much?! The coolant is all still there, it’s only done 1000 miles since its first (6000 mile) service and 190 upgrade and the oil cap was on very tightly.Ian [image][/image]

IanIt could just be condensation on the inside of the cap if the car is outside, especially in this weather [image][/image]

IanWould it be worth draining bit of oil from sump whilst cold before starting up? - if there is water present it should be at bottom of sump. I know sump plug removal is a pain but may give peace of mind? Is car loosing water at all? Cylinder compression check may also be worth considering.Hope its just the weather as Miniman suggests.

I think Miniman could be right. Don’t forget also that rain can also pass through the vent in the engine cover.Kev.

Ian - sounds a tad suspicious im afraid… If you go to a reasonable garage, there is a piece of kit you can use to pick up gases in the water reservoir its just a case of unscrewing the reservoir cap. Have you checked the dipstick??? HG failure sometimes gives you an emulsion on the stick (but im sure im preaching unnecessarily here).I hope its not serious [image][/image]Steve

Me being a dipstick managed to errr… not put the dipstick in properly. It wasnt totally clicked in, so moisture found its way in and made the mayo like gunk. (might be worth checking yours is clicked in tightly) Bri

Ian - found out what it was yet??Steve

Thanks chaps, you’ve given me some hope.The car is currently under covers while we do the family Chrimbo trips.The dipstick point sounds possible and the car is due back for its last warranty items so I’ll get them to check the reservoir gas then.Ian

IDGWas chatting to a top motor mech friend today he reckons the brown gunk maybe just emulsified oil caused by short journeys around town etc. when the engine never gets properly warmed up - what oil are u using and is car used for short journeys??.

quote:Originally posted by simon:…what oil are u using and is car used for short journeys??.Shell Helix Ultra (B&C’s std) and yes (sadly) lots of shortish journeys (I was I had the time for longer ones but I just can’t stop myself using it whenever possible!). The oil is only 1000 miles and one (wonderful damp Silverstone) trackday old. Would it emulsify more when new or old?More hope it’s not a major prob!Ian [image][/image]ps. I knew short journeys are not ideal for it but how ‘bad’ are they really? Ta in advance.

Hi IanHelix Ultra - top oil - Turbo Techniques also recommend it, is fully synthetic, so reduced chance of emulsification in comparison with semi synth and petroleum based oils - mech mate still reckons it could be short journeys - but could also be one of other suggestions - best to check it out with good garage asap.Sorry can’t be more helpful, good luckSimon

IanIs your Oil cap the original plastic yellow one ? Just thinking as an Ali one would be “colder” and generate more possible "gunk"You know Chevettes had this problem really bad ( amongst others [image][/image] ) and one answer was a blanket on the cam cover overnight to hopefully stop too much condensation … maybe worth trying something similar and see what happens.HTH

quote:Originally posted by Miniman:Is your Oil cap the original plastic yellow one ? answer was a blanket on the cam cover overnight…It is the plastic one, as my nice black ali Exige one kept jumping out on trackdays (what a mess, you have been warned!).I’ll try the blanket trick.It’s back to B&C for a fortnight of warranty bits and pieces next Saturday so I’ll get them to check it then.I’m off to look at cheap cars for runs to the station…what does anybody think of the Ford Puma??Cheers, Ian [image][/image]