Broken Front Driving Light

This is the round one in the front grille.Broken lens - checked Lotus and don’t fancy paying c�158 for a new complete unit.Anyone know if I can buy just the lens, or a much much lower priced new one. (or second hand)?

Paul, Think you will find most of us have the perspex covers fitted.

Thanks - saw these, and they are on order, but a little too late to avoid the split/crack.

Paul,I bought a spare lamp and a pair of perspex protectors when I cracked my right driving lamp.But when I realized that in the Exige changing one of these lights is a clam off job, I just installed the protectors and left the light in the shelf for the time when I really need to take the calm off.Done about 7000 miles like that. No problem, I still have the cracked light on with the Perspex cover ! [image][/image]Uldis

Same here - just pop the cover over the cracked light. Been like that for 2 years now.