Broken Engine Mount

I was at Anglesey today and had the rear engine mount snap the engine now rocks niceley back and tooAnyone know what I need to fix it and how messy a job is it, do I need to look at any off the other mounting brackets [image][/image] JohnC [image][/image][This message has been edited by OrangeX (edited 18 April 2003).]

John,Is the mount at the bottom of the sump that attaches to the sub-frame?If so, replace it with an Eliseparts engine mount. If you really stuck i have a nylatron bushed engine mount available which gives zero engine movement.Depending on where it is broken it can be welded up again.hth

PhilI havent a clue what has gone only that Rich Brelend had a look and said he could see the mount was detached it is at the rear right hand side of the engine as you look at the rear of the car near to the exhaust What part is it that goes any ideaI will have to remove the undertray tomorrow and have a look JohnC

That will be the lower mount as described above.No idea where it would have broken but when you have the tray off let us know.Cheers

The bracket attached to the sump has broken where it attaches to the round damper type fitting anyone got an idea where I can get one of these is it a Rover part?JohnC

Oh … [image][/image]Steve & Martin had the same part break at Prestwold … coincidence or …

I think we (trackdayers)have all had that mount go. Its like a rite of passage [image][/image]

RussDo you know if this is a standard Rover part as I have a relative that works for a Land Rover dealer as stores manager he is going to check for me but it would help if I knew it was standardDo I need to change the whole thing at the same time What parts do I needAs you can probably tell I havent done any D I Y for years but I think I will do this one myself !!! [image][/image]JohnC[This message has been edited by OrangeX (edited 20 April 2003).][This message has been edited by OrangeX (edited 20 April 2003).]

Hi John,I think it is standard MGF, but, if I am on the right part, both me and Rob had ours welded and strengthened, and used again. Rob is back tomorrow, so he will be able to add to this.Cheers

So will a less flexible mount ( Geary’s ) stress that bracket more or less … ? less movement is less force …Seems reasonable to strengthen it before it gives up anyhow ! [image][/image]

I’m back!Russ is (as usual) 100% correct.I suggest that you take Phil up on his offer & fit the nylatron bush in the strenghtened/repaired bracket. It will also improve the gearchange - honest [image][/image]