British GT Build No. 003 Previous Owners


Reaching out to the previous owners of build number 003 as there is no service history with the car. Trying to shed some light on previous work done. All I have is a receipt from Paul Matty cars for a repair and no service book. The MOT history is good apart from some light misting from the Ohlins dampers a while back.

If anyone can help I would be grateful.

Hi and welcome.

Have you bought the car? Let me know if you need any help/information as I own number 005 :+1:

I think the owner who sold it to Paul Matty lived in Aberdeen. It might be worth posting your question on SELOC as suspect someone will know the car.


Not bought the car yet but doing a proper test drive on Sunday. I did a short test drive but going for extended one on Sunday. First impressions is that its more raw than my NA that I have at the moment. The forged alloys are not with the car and no idea condition of dampers. The GT pack is fitted which is great for track days though. I’ll try SELOC.

I went from a 190 n/a to my car, the supercharger wine is addictive! Sets of the oem alloys do come up for sale sometimes so you should be able to replace them as/when. You will need a front spoiler though as it’s missing. You should be able to find one one eBay, I don’t think they’re that expensive or replace with a carbon fibre aftermarket one :+1:

This is the Paul Matty advert for this car in December 2017, no mention of service history in the description though :woman_shrugging:

I hope the test drive goes well :crossed_fingers::+1:

Great detective work finding the old advert. They are offering to fit new front splitter as part of the deal. Im just worried I wont be able to sell it but the price is good at 30k. The car drove okay but didn’t get a chance to open it up as the weather was awful that day. Just worried that I won’t get a resale due to no history.

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I took a screen shot of the advert as I was interested in it, he had 2 British GT’s for sale at the same time!

My S1 Elise didn’t have full service history when I bought it. I contacted Lotus dealers/specialists and I successfully found who serviced the car and sent the book to them to get it stamped.

Hopefully someone on Seloc will be able to help ref the history of the car :crossed_fingers:

Its a pity Paul Matty is long gone as he might have shed some light on servicing. Thinking of taking a punt on it anyway and tracking down lost records. The spec is so good on it for TD’s too. It does come with 6 month warranty.

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I think it’s defo worth a punt at that price tbh.

Just check all the switches/buttons work, air con, heater, check the coolant reservoir before/after your test drive, oil cap for sludge, etc.

If the air con or rad need replacing it’s a front clam off job and a lot of money to fix. Just check that the 6 month warranty covers this, we all know what warranty companies are like!

I’m sure you’ve thought of this already but.

As the car doesn’t have any service history. I would contact a Lotus specialist for a price for a full service including fluid changes and replacing the super charger belt. From memory, I think The SC belt needs inspecting/replacing every 2 years.

This should give you a bit of amo when negotiating/agreeing a price :+1:. Personally, I would have the above done straight away if I bought the car, peace of mind plus if you’re going to do track days probably a given.

Good call. I have negotiated 500 quid off asking price to cover a full service right after picking car up.

How did the test drive go, did you buy the car?