Britcar - Snetterton 21st/22nd May

Well done Chris & Simon

Result Here

Beating a few of the same make of car that won proves you were pedaling hard. Good job!


Just got back from watching some of the Britcar300 race. I did not stay til the end because I had to get back and Snetterton is bloody miles away. Some mid term problems left Simon/Chris down the standing but they were still running when I left. The Elise was struggling against the GT3’s/AussieV8 etc on the straights but seemed to be doing a damned fine job in the twisties - the car was looking good, much better than the last time I saw it at Brands. Well done Randy/Simon, is great to see you out there mixing it Photos will naturally follow…

Fair play lads!!


Congrats guys. I assume you got the dampers sorted then!

just got back in after the race. We were going pretty well but unfortunately our levels of grip keep going up which is putting too much stress on the uprights/bearings/hubs which causes CV failure. We mended the outside one but the inside had a bit too much greif by then and gave up too. Good news is that our pace is much improved, just need a bit more ooomph so we can live with the GT3’s at the end of the straights.

Benja - good to see you, looking forward to seeing the pics



Great going, i know the feeling, kill them on the corners and then just wait for them to pull 2 car lengths on you by the end of the straight it is very frustrating. Is that Elise Honda or K powered ?

The car currently has a bog standard uk spec Honda engine. We have a mildly modded one on the way but it wasn’t quite ready for Snett in the end, that should give us an extra 40-50bhp.

We can keep up with anything until half way down the straight by getting good corner exit speed but then the powerful cars just start to pull away. It makes life difficult in traffic because it’s easy to pass us at the end of the straight and not easy for us to take people back.

The work we have put into tyres/setup is finally starting to pay off though so we are feeling confident that the gap to the quicker cars will diminish soon. Fingers crossed…

Extensive photographic coverage of Britcar on Sat (from Tap only) and Sun (me and Tap) is now available at website . The Britsport and ProdS1 galleries will be added shortly. Enjoy and if you want shots or prints let me know.

Nice! I see there is an S2 racing - anyone on here?

Production S1 Gallery added Clicky .