Brilliant Snetterton April 27th

What a day! My first time at Snetters and it certainly won’t be my last, although it wasn’t my Sprint’s first foray there because it was the local track to former owner Will Curwen. I think the car must have have known it as the car took to it right away. I brought my 14 year old son as a passenger, the recent MSV age change from 16 to 14 has been extremely welcome to a car mad kid and so good to have him experiencing it with me.

Unfamiliar to it, I made sure I watched YouTube laps and the Driver61 guide along with playing on my son’s driving rig with Assetto Corsa. It all helped make it at least not alien to me, as I knew which way the bends went.

Upon arrival I saw a couple of Lotus’s so decided to park up by them, rude not to. It was another father/son combo, this time of driving age with his own, rather tidy blue Elige along with a lovely Elise that had been set up by Datum motorsport.

The guys were great and we both got to have a pax ride in the Elige, which was very well peddled and eye openingly quick. The last sequence from Brundle and through Corum were amazing! Those laps helped me redefine what was possible which translated in to me pushing harder safely next time out.

Video of…
Lap following green Elise

There were also some moments when we were out on track together having a play. Following their lines was useful learning in my vain attempts to keep up. Here are some video’s of it.

I was keen to see how my car handled there. My blokeconomics investment in a set of Nitrons at the end of last year has been paying itself back through being used :smiley: Well that’s my justification for them and the fact that my billies were on their way out, (honestly guv). It was the opportunity to play around with the settings.

At the start of the day they were at my road setting of 12 and 14 front to rear. As always I start slow and build through the day so the more progressive softer setting let me get a feel of what was going on and a bit more time to react if needed. Come lunch it was time to crank them up so added 4 clicks all round.

With the shocks being newish, it was the first time I’d had a play adjusting the settings. I immediately noticed the difference with a sense of compliant stiffness, there was a great sense of solidity and more feeling of the micro bumps in the road, which took about half a lap to adjust to that sensation. Right away I was able to lean more on the car, the reduced body roll gave more confidence to press harder into the corners.

The next session out I added 2 more clicks which improved it further. I think next time I would try adding 2 more clicks as it’s a smooth circuit with some tight bends and I like a stiff feel to the car.

As for the circuit, hats off again to MSV who have an excellent standard of marshalling and maintenance. The driving briefing help reinforce the expected standard of driving and conduct on track. All the drivers through the day were excellent, highly courteous with no aggressive pushers or blind hoggers. Pure quality.

I found Snetterton to be such a good track, brilliantly challenging with technical corners involving simultaneous braking and turning that required a very delicate balance to get right to maximise the speed through them. If you have a lower powered car you might find yourself caught in the trap of not being able to pass high power cars, unless they very actively help you through on the straight. The blue Elige had bit of that when coming up to the track spec BMWs, all over them on the corners.

Overall it was an epic, blessed by the weather which was perfectly dry right up to the point of the checkered flag at 5pm when the rain then started. I will definitely be going back to Snetters!
Hopefully I’ll see some of you there.


Fantastic post! Thank you for the write up.

I havent done snett yet. Its on my list of tracks to do!

Andy, you really should, its a cracking circuit
I have Cadwell on my list, will need to take my brave pills first and expect I will love it.

(Did the youtube vid come out alright, didn’t know how to have it show the preview image, you’ll get to see my rather natty socks in the footwell view :laughing:).

It looked like you filmed it on a potato but I could make out the socks - Alitalia logos it looks like and hear the supercharger whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine.

I see what you mean about it being a power circuit. Its WOT for what seems like days!

It’s done on an older non HD video vbox. So yes does have that retro 1980s feel (along with the socks :laughing: and yes they are the Alitalia Lancia Delta colours)

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Lovely car and great driving :+1:.

The pedal cam is interesting to check out your heel & toe technique.

Like you, in the Lotus I also roll my foot to blip the accelerator with the side of foot, rather than going for a full ankle twist and heel contact. This seems to be the most comfortable way for me, but I always wondered if it was the right approach having been told by a driver coach that it might not give me enough power on the brakes. Seeing that the same technique works for you is cool.

Snett is on my list as a track to do :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.

Hi David, thanks for the name check!!

Glad to hear its still going well.

I’m planning in taking my current S2 to snetterton on 8 June

Cheers Will

Great to meet you and your son David, hope you had a great day there. As you say Snetterton is quite a technical circuit, the back section is great with you really being able to load the car up through corum.

See you at the next one :+1:

A pleasure Will. I might see if I can book that date for my next track day.

@Elise_Mark Thanks. Yes, I find the footcam useful as o can then see my steering in one camera and feet in the other.
I’ve never been told that the side foot reduces braking and I’ve never felt it’s a reduction of pressure. I have room for improvement in braking but I feel like I brake pretty hard.

It’s an interesting one to be aware of. The g-meter will help me understand that. I’ll start to pay attention to that area.

I might be able to make the June 8 return to Snet which Will is going on. Am doing a bit of diary juggling.

Nice write up Dave, so the VX is a distant memory?

Disappointed I couldn’t come along to watch as I was on shift. I’ll check my rota for the 8th

I still love the VX Rob, it’s taken 4 years to reduce the cravings of the torque shove of the stage 4. I’ve just about got over it now.
Thoroughly loving the Exige, cranking up the Nitrons to 4 & 6 was a revelation. I’m keeping those settings for the road for the moment as I just love the feeling of the turn in and grip.

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