Brilliant Exigers - Part 2

It just gets better - all will be revealed soon

Ooo I love a good mystery!

Yes Rob, Exigers are very nice people - but some have been known to have a slightly sadistic streak when it comes to secrets - You know, The “I know something you don’t know” thing.

Hey Tony - I know something you don’t know…


awww… come on guys… gimme the ball


I don’t care - I don’t even want to know
and I’m telling me Mam on ya -Ner

You little fibber!

Okay, okay, all I can say at this stage is that Russ’s own car will not be ready for Donington this Sunday - but he will be there, wearing his fancy Nomex suit

OK I won’t tell me Mam, and you can read my Beano at breaktime, and I’ll lend you my new Pokemon shiney…
I will have to grovell loads to the woman, cos I think I’m supposed to be being fitted for my wedding dress or summat …our wedding is only 2 1/2 weeks away…Diddy and I may have to sneek out of the house…but by hook or by crook…


Why not bring the boss too?

Come on, Pesky. Spill the beans!!!

Let me guess… Mike’s lending Russ his turbo-nutter car for the race?

Go on, Mike. You know it makes sense. But knowing Russ, it might come back with extra ‘ventilation holes’ at the rear

We both got a special extra-ordinary pass for the day.
Think the ‘boss’ is tasting wedding dresses or trying on cakes on Sunday…

Will see you guys there ! I’ll be hanging round the Nitron car/truck :slight_smile:


Great stuff - Tone & Bri

Should be a great day - as well as the Mid Engined lot, I love watching the Astons & Healey 3000s - probably cos I remember when they were new

My guess is that Russ put in a bid for a certain black, rather fast, Exige (type thing).

Am I warm?

I’ve got a lovely new lens. It’s a shame I’m not going to be able to come and give it a workout.


Am I warm?

Nah - nowt to do with Gav/Barrie’s car.

Well, it would have been nice.


I know.


A brilliant turnout, at Donington today, of “Exigers”, & other Lotus owners, who saw Russ finish 5th - driving Mike Lane’s beautifully prepared Audi monster Unfortunately “an incident”, causing Matt to test the gravel trap at Redgate, brought the race to an early conclusion, but it was certainly top entertainment while it lasted - well done to all those taking part

Special thanks must also go to all those in Azreal’s support crew for their incredible hospitality, especially “Mad Mary” & her catering colleagues, who somehow managed to provide a gourmet lunch (choice of 3 main dishes & 3 deserts!!!) for all & sundry - absolutely phenomenal, & very much appreciated

On a personal note - thanks to the Edwards Family for accomadating myself, Pesky Minor & Jaycee on Saturday night - let us know when we can return the favour