Breakdown cover

Who are the current forum beau for breakdown cover?

I have noted a fair few now wont cover if you are on track , or prepped for track …

I use Autoaid. They have two models for cover, one similar to AA/RAC etc where they arrange recovery for you but they also have a model where you can claim back for recovery that you arrange yourself.

With the latter in mind, you could ring around local garages to get a pick up, pay the bill and then claim it back… Autoaid would never have to know a trackday was involved.

At least, that’s my theory. Only used them once and I broke down legitimately on the road on the way home from track, so I just had them arrange the recovery for me.

This bit worries me a little for autoaid :


Yeah I think they all (the main players) added that to their terms fairly recently.

But, if you arrange your own recovery and providing the recovery driver isn’t a total jobsworth, I’m sure he can fabricate a pickup location on the invoice for you to then claim back later.

Or get a trailer like a real wuss

Why do you think the driver would be a jobsworth? You are asking them to commit fraud. You might be prepared to do it and take that risk but why should they?

Each to their own but if the driver just wants to do their job and keep it, please don’t call them a jobsworth for doing so.

Breakdown/recovery driver

I am concerned about the verbiage.

If been on track.

When? In its life? This year, last year , last week?

If I can get off the circuit does that count as ok?

If I break down on the way home post trek day is that grounds for a claim?

End of the day, insurance wont want to pay out if they can avoid it by any means. You must be able to get track specific insurance?

last time I needed a truck, I phoned up local companies and £200 later my car was on a flatbed on its way home.

I want a generic oh shot I have broken down getting fish and chips with the wife to post track day.

If I brake down on track so be it…