Break Lights

Okay, since Geary fitted steel braided break hoses and bled the breakes, my break lights do not come on unless I press the breaks extremely hard. Surely this can be adjusted. What do I need to do guys? And is there a Hayes Manual equivalent for Elises/Exiges?Kev.

Kp - if this is not one of the most useful bits of information on the web, I don’t know what is (check out the Exige part [image][/image]) -

Thats just a switch… Geary wouldnt have gone near it to fit the hoses or bleed the brakes, so it’s a seperate issue. [image][/image] Bri

BriThanks for the comments - I knew that anyway. Perhaps what I should’ve said is that after having Pagids and steel break hoses fitted, the breaks have a more positive feel to them and requires considerable less foot pressure to slowdown the car than ever before, which is exactly what I like. The problem is that the break lights do not activate unless a lot of pressure is applied, but it is possible to apply the breaks without activating the lights, which of course is dangerous for those behind me.Duggan,Thanks for the link, but server is really slow, and their connection is not reliable [image][/image], I’ll try again later or see I can find another copy elsewhere on the net.[This message has been edited by Kp (edited 21 February 2003).]

You just have to make sure you brake later and harder than everybody else [image][/image]Cheers

Duggan,Managed to download the manual okay, thanks for the link, mate [image][/image]Mark,Superb comment! LOL [image][/image][This message has been edited by Kp (edited 21 February 2003).]