Went up to Elvington today to watch the big Scooby shoot out lots of other cars there.

It absolutely lashed it down all day making for great viewing on the handeling course. A very brave Hero in a Mk1 Elise HONDA powered was mixing it with the big boys. It was so wet there was standing water and 2 inch puddles yet he still went out on those semi slicks. It was very fast those tyres were a handful and we saw some great driving a few high speed spins…Very entertaining and BRAVE !!!

At the very beginning of the day just before the rain set in the track conditions were slightly moist and the Lotus set a time around the course of 31secs. To put this into perspective my friend in a new spec Sti UK with 360 + BHP set a time of 38 secs…

Hats of to the LOTUS !!

If it was an Azure Blue Liz it would be Tony Pearman He was up there over the weekend…

guilty m’lud

brave i think not…as it help as i was the one
who set out the track

but was great fun in the wet or was it a lake

was nice talking to you