Brands Hatch Lotus Novice track day - 24th May

24th.May.06 (Wed)

If you have never driven on circuit before or still feel a little nervous about taking your pride and joy on track then why not come along to the first Lotus enthusiasts Novice Evening exclusively to join fellow Lotus drivers for an introduction to track driving!

We shall begin the evening with a detailed safety briefing that will cover everything from rules of a trackday through to car preparation and driving techniques.

At 5 o’clock you shall be taken on circuit in minibuses driven by our race instructors who will show you, in detail, everything they know about the track and give you a few tips before you head out in your own car.

To ease you into track driving we shall begin with a few laps behind a pace car giving you a feel for the circuit before you tackle it at speed. We will be running an open pit lane format with a maximum of 40 cars in attendance and 20 on track at anyone time. This means that although places are limited, there will be plenty of no pressure track time for everyone.

This trackday is being run in conjunction with Lotus on Track and everyone taking part will be offered free membership (worth �30). LoT is a non profit making track day club run by Lotus owners for Lotus owners with 50 track days across the UK and Europe in 2006.

For more information and to book:-

NOTE: you DO NOT have to be a LoT member to attend this day - just own a Lotus or VX220 and be a novice track day driver.

Sounds like a cracking event for those wishing to dip their toes in the water. Fab circuit too

Definitely feels like there is a market out there for this, although I hope it does not increase the demand side to the extent that the circuits get too greedy on the charges they demand.

I wish one of the trackdays would allow access to the track at lunchtime so that you could actually walk the track and examine some of the corners ala the F1/Martin Brundle model.

Oops, forgot to post up to say this sold out last week.