Brands (GP) Track Day - 19th Nov

Seeing as I missed out on the last Donnington day, how about seeing if we can get a few Exiges down to Brands? It’s an On Track day which means that any OLC members get the On Track members rate, still �250 but it’s on the GP circuit which must be one of the best in the country.Anyone interested?

I take it that’s a ‘no’ then [image][/image]

SimonSorry mate, but can’t do that one [image][/image]I would be interested in Brands next spring time - once I’ve earned enough “Brownie Points” from 'er indoors [image][/image][This message has been edited by Pesky (edited 16 October 2001).]

Simon,Sorry for not getting back sooner, Ive been wracked with indecision [image][/image] but…Ohh allright then… how do I book with On Track. I also cadjoled one other so that at least makes 3. [image][/image] RoyPS What are the Noise levels has anyone else any experience at BH

Phone 01953 888989 and tell them your an OLC member (if your not it won’t matter they never check). I’ve never been tested at Brands but I think the limit is quite high, drove the Exige there earlier this yuear without a problem though.

Great circuit, shame about the drivers…All being things were wet and with a number of petrol/oil spills on the circuit. With 90 cars in 3 groups it was always going to be a dodgy mix.At the end of the Day after reviewing the Video evidence, from registration at 7:30 to the last session at 15:30 I only managed 13 flying laps, without the session being stopped to recover someone from the gravel trap. Compared to the 3Hour open pit evening session at Donnington earlier in the year this was poor value for money.But how can you put a price on the uphill braking area into Hawthorns entered at 120 in the wet, the drop out of Padock Hill Bend, and I just got the sense of what negative G feels like into Dingle Dell… priceless [image][/image]Simon P took the option to go with the Advanced session, I’m not sure that he fared much better with track time, but I’m sure the intermediate group I went for was’nt the best.There was a raceing Exige on track with a 230BHP TT supercharged car that ran reliably all day. The mechanics had some interesting views on Car/suspension setup that I will be following up. It came past me in the hands of an obviously capable driver and I felt I was standing still, later in the day I manged to hold onto it for a couple of Laps (with the help of traffic [image][/image] )And at least I avoided a trip into the gravel myself (well the light stuff dose’nt count does it? At least I kept going [image][/image]Even given these problems I could see myself going back, the GP circuit is a must. I noticed some people were running in all three sessions, expensive but one solution to the problems. I’m sure that if the day had been dry there would have not been any where as much disruption.The Lotus Motorsport Pads (Pagid) are definately better than EBC greens, at least +25% effiency on the brakes, I’m almost happy with them, but I can feel some decent front calipers coming on.I wil post a link to some selected Video when I have the time.Now where to next… Cadwell?

Excellent report Roy, real shame about the lost time though.I recently changed my pads to Mintex 1144 - a massive improvement over the standard Brembos, in both road & track use - thanks for the recommendation RussT [image][/image] Obviously your car is now fixed, was it just a faulty immobiliser?See you next year at Donington [image][/image]

Okay!I’ve just been into the office and heard from a bunch of my directors how they walked rings around an Exige at Brands on Monday!Apparently their offending vehicles were a new (as in ugly) Scooby WRX, an AUTOMATIC Saab 9-5 (!!!? Hired for the day!), an old 911 and a Superlight R500 (okay, I�ll let you off that one!).Please tell me there�s no truth in it and I have just fallen foul of a �new boy� wind-up, as its only my third day with them!

Yep I was probably about 10+sec a Lap off the Pace this being the first time at the full circuit… but I certainly saw the Saab 9-5 in the group B session, so that rules out Simon P [image][/image]Now what excuse can I come up with�… errrr well errrr�… only had 13 laps in the day on what was pretty much a new circuit to me. Although I�ve driven the Indy circuit loads of times this was actually a bit of a disadvantage. I actually had a huge problem rejoining clearways I really felt like stoping to check that no one was joining from the short circuit�. Wooh that�s a good one [image][/image]One session was red flagged and I sat in the pits with the brakes on (not advised), despite having SRF I came out to find I had hardly any brakes for about 2 laps (boiled the fluid).I let a few cars past before pushing again, now that might deal with 1 of the 4.I must admit to having been passed by the R500, pulled out about 100yds even on the short straight following Graham Hill Bend ouch�.Can you get the Reg of the others that must have whizzed past me [image][/image] I�ll post the blindingly fast Video clips of them burying me (I taped the whole day [image][/image] ) or Perhaps they were mistaken [image][/image] [image][/image] , but I can�t remember seeing a Scoob all day [image][/image]The only other Exige in group B was the Lotus Experience car I did notice this was quite slow at times, I hope that�s not the answer and I can get some video that results in some eating of humble pye (I certainly remember going past the SAAB)I�m away on business today but will get the Video on the site tomorrow.In the meantime here�s a speed V distance plot around the circuit, from taking the same plots at Donington, the difference between 13 Laps experience and 30-40 was about 10Mph in the corners so there�s obviously a learning curve to take into account.

Roy,Well now I feel guilty, with you being so open and honest!I especially have to let you off seeing as you are so local - I’m down towards Basingstoke (I said towards not actually IN Baskingstoke). The other Ian is in Tadley, we have to get together!I wouldn’t mind getting hold of a video tape of your antics in the next few weeks if that’s okay? I may even have the Exige to come and pick it up with!Cheers, Ian [image][/image]

Like the graph Roy.How about posting the Donny data? Come to think of it, post all the data you’ve got - I’m a sucker for this sort of anal-ysis.

Ian hope you have a fast net conection! and this helps to defend the reputation of us in the southern softy Exige Club [image][/image] quote:Originally posted by IDG:Okay!Apparently their offending vehicles were a new (as in ugly) Scooby WRX, an AUTOMATIC Saab 9-5 (!!!? Hired for the day!), an old 911 and a Superlight R500 (okay, I�ll let you off that one!).I’m not sure exactly what a new scooby WRX looks like if its:- Then yes it was really quick… well comparitivaly… [image][/image] problem is this was into Dingle Dell on the cool down lap, and I was running at 40+sec/Lap slower. I noticed the SAAB also came past a few seconds before on the same Lap really impresive [image][/image]I did run into the SAAB twice 2 in the 13 flying Laps I had see: and I also came across an Old 911 on 2 ocasions: and Looking at the Video, I must say the for as much as I have complained about the brakes in the past, they really do work, I know some of the Cars were not being driven that hard but the, vid of the passing of the SAAB for the second time shows catching Elises into Paddock under the brakes, making up about 200yds. On the full Video I was surprised to find I was braking at 50yd board going into Hawthorn. And looking at the data for the braking into Druids, although this is steep uphill the braking is completed in 2 seconds 91-56-40 mph thats an intiall decceleration of 35mph/sec my maths says thats about -1.5g. Is that possible?And I dont feel two embarresed about the R500 massivly fast in a straight line:- I’d love to take it on at Cadwell though [image][/image] Ian I have tried to get a meeting going down south a couple of times, but it’s mainly finding time myself that’s the biggest problem, suggest some times/dates and I will do my best.MattC,I’m not sure what the possition is with anything that could be contstrued as timing… I think its obviously OK to talk about what speed you did here or there, so I think the as the “freehand sketch” I posted is purely anecdotal - and should be OK as this was purely subjective [image][/image], Admin5 cut me off If I go to far here, but I would like to clarify what the legal position is re insurance, so many pepole run with Video’s that how can you stop people timing things after the event? Would this retrospectively invalidate the terms of insurance? I noticed that after the Sept 24th doony trip that a gallery of Photos was put up, each gif file with a timestamp on each piccy could this be argued to be timing?The worst situation I can imagine is that there could be a serious incident before these issues then became tested in the event of a dispute over the validity of insurance.I only had one moment during the day, the on-track people had put cones for the turn-in and clipping points, on my first Lap into druids I might just have misinterpreted there instruction to turn at the cone [image][/image] I dont even thinknegative camber would helped me that much on this one.[This message has been edited by X111GED (edited 23 November 2001).][This message has been edited by X111GED (edited 23 November 2001).]

Thanks! That’s excellent!The first Saab one should nicely take care of the disparaging Exige comments!The R500 is my colleagues, he was moving!Ian [image][/image]

RoyJust downloaded your footage - really great stuff [image][/image]See you next at Donington [image][/image]