Brands GP Circuit on Wed 23 April with LOT & MSV

Hi guys,

Just wondering if anyone here was attending the above. I have done the GP circuit on the motorbike & it was epic. I have done the Indy in the porker. If doing it in the Exige S is half as much fun as on the bike it is going to be a great day.

I booked it through Lotus On Track. It is a sessioned day in which you get roughly seven twenty minute sessions.


I’m booked into that. Awesome track, done it once before many years ago in my Escort Cosworth

You’ll find Dingle a bit tamer now Sean.


Yeah I heard it has all been re-done. Loved that complex.

If I survive Snetterton without dredded oil leak …Bean will be there.

I’ll be there too. (if I get my car done in time)

Apologies go out now if I hold you all up. Looking forward to it though.