Brands B & C 1st Race

Great video from Lord Scuffers

was that him farting and releasing his bowls just before the lights went out??


His bowls ?

Interesting… did he undertake Russ on a yellow flag there in the first couple of laps ??

He did, I lifted when I saw the flag and saw SS travelling very quickly into me. He did not see it as I was blocking his view and shot through. He apologised later but there was no case to answer - bugger did not slow down and let me retake though!!

Haha…it almost looked like he held off the power after the corner for a second or two…like he realised he’d done wrong, but then probably thought “Sod it!”

Puerly from a spectators view point it was a great end to a fantastic seasons racing. The first A race was one of the best i have seen real nail biting stuff right up until the chequered flag, Chris P must have passed and repassed the same car 10 times due to his lack of power being made up via a lunge manouver through every corner. The B&C races were good fun too, pity that Russ’s car didn’t make it as he was literally flying like a scene from the red arrows, smoke billowing out of the rear. Mr Randal as usual was sublime, and in the second race started last on the grid and worked his way past everyone to finish first, at one point he was lapping 7 seconds a lap quicker than 2nd place driver in the 340R…Gav also did a great job in the second race starting well back and finishing very high up. (couldn’t see from where i was on the Pit.Straight if you managed to get the win, it looked like you did !!)
Great Job to all involved throughout the whole year it has been outstanding !!!

Your car really pulls away from him though - I thought he was running a sc also?

Its all down to driver skill