Brands 8th April

Good to meet BT52 and Roy - hope you enjoyed the driving as much as I did!Looking forward to the video [image][/image]Cheers

Was a great day, but it cost me 2.5mm of rear tyre!!Mark,The Video is the only Lap that I managed to keep up with you for, most other times you just walked away. Out of intrest last years qualifying times for the HR Owen Roadsports are at madasafish [This message has been edited by X111GED (edited 11 April 2002).][This message has been edited by X111GED (edited 11 April 2002).]

Roy/MarkExcellent video - I’ve never been to Brands -“Paddock” certainly looks an interesting corner [image][/image] [image][/image] [image][/image]

Cool - thanks for that Roy!If only there was one from later in the day, when my lines were a bit better (many thanks to Hyla Brese). At the bottom of Paddock Hill for example I was approx 5mph quicker [image][/image]Cheers

Mark,I did try to get out behind you later in the day but traffic meant that I ended up about the length of the backstraight behind you and as I said you appeared to be puling away by about 50yds per lap. I suppose I should have slowed up and you would have come past in a few Laps, but you know what its like in the heat of the moment I was focused on pushing as fast as I could to try to catch up. I also found Hyla’s instuction quite intresting I have another clip of a lap after being out with Hyla, I too found Paddock much faster by keeping way to the left on approach - using an extra 4ft of circuit over the white line on the approach made a huge difference to the exit, I’ll pop the video up its hopefully quite clear as it loooks for all the world as though you are aiming at the Gravell Trap before taking the last possible turn-in (no time for turn-in understeer at that point)The only other change I made was taking second for Graham Hill bend, 3rd was droping the revs to 5K on the exit but 2nd kept the car alive at the exit (enough to get a bit of a twitch as you can see from the Video). Short and twisty circuits like Brands and Anglesey cryout for a closer set of ratio’s. Clearways taken in standard box second gear means you get max revs mid way through the corner and I had a number of lurid slides as the power overcame the grip just before taking 3rd. I still find it amazing that level of grip is so good that you can just bury the throtle in any gear other than first now what the Exige really needs is another 100BHP or some Michelins!!The other comment from Hyla was the need to be more precise at each turn-in, apex and exit once I got up to speed I was surprised at what a difference an extra foot or 2 here and there made.I will post another reply with the Video

Not such a mamouth file this time (8M) but you will still be struggling without ADSL!!! Just reviewed this again, seems like a short shift through clearways on this lap.

Excellent line through Paddock. Haven’t taken it as wide as to cross the white line but that is definitely the way to go! The only slight difference I make is taking Surtess a tad faster - I probably keep the throttle pinned to the floor for another 3 seconds - it does slide very slightly - and then brake heavily, into 2nd for Clearways.First Class Video!I’ll practice the new Paddock line on the 19th!

quote:Originally posted by miketurn:taking Surtess a tad faster A tad faster !!! How dare you! [image][/image] Don’t listen Mark he will have you visiting the grass [image][/image] [image][/image] Joking aside I can see what your saying I never got any movement going through Surtees (bowels excluded) I think the only reason to get a bit of brakes into surtess is to put a bit of weight up front to help setting up into the surtees-clearways complex; but I could just be excusing this being a bottle job.What’s happening on the 19th…

Easytrack have got BH on the 19th April, indy circuit, but still brilliant - gives me time to practise before 21st October with the GP Circuit!! YEEEHAH! [image][/image]

Roy/Mike, I’m booked in at Brands on the 2nd May - having watched your video I can’t wait!!!I figure if I watch it 5 times a day for the next two weeks I might have some idea of what I’m doing when I get there!!!Phil.

I’m going to Brands this Wednesday and wondered if there are any problems meeting the noise limit with a supersports exhaust.Any tips?Mike

Probably depends who the organisers are - I think its just more a show for the local council. I know I am about 106-107db at 4500rpm, and had no problems on my day.Cheers

MikeYou’ll have absolutely no worries about sound emmissions at Brands…I’ve never seen anyone dragged off for being to loud.

MikeThanks for setting my mind at rest. I don’t get out of Scotland much with the car (Knockhill doesn’t have a noise limit) so I thought I’d better ask.Mike