Brands 17th April

Hi Folks,Anyone going to this? It’s an On-Track day on the GP circuit, the day after the Touring cars and, more importantly, the Elise Motorsport series have been there…

HEY Myself and Kam are going to this event sounds like a hoot!!Cant wait! Kam has a titanium 190 and I have a yellow 190. See ya there!

I will not be attending the trackday but as this is my part of the world wondered it you fancy meeting up afterwards 4.30/5 ish in one of the pubs in Farningham. Simon P has confirmed. Anyone else interested? There got to be more than 2 Exiges in Kent.

OK not in Kent, But Essex - I will probably be able to make the Pub on the 17th (work commitments permitting) Can you give some directions [image][/image]Chris

Leave the M25 at the Swanley turn off Jnct 3, at the round about take the A20 exit heading for West Kingsdown/Brands Hatch. Go straight across the next round about still heading for Brands and you are now going down Farningham hill.At the bottom is a round about and a garage called WJ Kings take the 3rd exit which goes along side the garage. Follow the road for about 100 yards and there will be a sign on the left saying Red Lion Harvester car park. We will be in there[This message has been edited by X1 GUN (edited 11 April 2001).]

Kam and I shall be there… Track day doesn’t finish until 6 so we will see you there afterwards. Is jn 3 the exit we will be geting of the 25 at? We will be traveling anti clockwise[This message has been edited by Keenan Perrin (edited 15 April 2001).]

If your coming from Brands its even easier.Turn right out of the main entrance follow the road to the bottom of the hill until you reach the roundabout (WJ Kings will be directly opposite) take the first left and the entrance is 100 yards on your left. Will only take 5 min from Brands. See you there

Ok guys, For those going to Brands tomorrow dont forget1) Driving licence (no licence no drive)2) Helmet if you have one.(helmets are provided if you would like nits)3)suitable shoes (narrow and sticky)4) Big cheesy grin to wear all day long.5) Camera for some cheesy shots.6) Sun shades.Be there for 8am for the brief, no breif no ride.Kam turn your bloody phone on! 6 am start.Looks like 5 Exiges in the car park of the pub…

Can we have a full report please [image][/image]

David I have emailed you a group shot of the Exiges. can you please post. Bloody battery died on the Digital camera so only got one pic.Gents a pleasure meeting you all. I hope to see you at the next track event work permiting.


Simon thanks again for the lift, [image][/image] better get myself booked on some driving courses.

Impressive line up boys [image][/image]

Just you wait till we all get on a track together!!!

if I remember rightly, somewhere on this BBS it was posted that if we could get a dozen of us together we could possibly hire hethel.Anyone interested?

Oh yes definetly interested. Nice to meet you all and simon i owe you a pint, I wont forget.Great day out. I will fill you in on all the jucy bits like my near smash at dingle dell later when i get time to type. Once again fantastic day! thanks SGT!

Sounds good, count me in…

Hethel - yep, I’d be interested too [image][/image][This message has been edited by Pesky (edited 18 April 2001).]

I’d be interested in Hethel too, but I must admit to being a little sceptical about this, I’d be really (pleasantly) surprised if Lotus were up for that…

Tony I floated the idea when Lotus were doing the 340R thing - I thought that you went to that as they couldn’t get the numbers.Not sure that they would have the staff now though?