Getting paronoid about brakes … as Steve & Martin will know [image][/image]When I first put in RS14, braided lines and SRF I had a solid pedal … now its all spongy [image][/image] - yep checked for air, replaced fluid etc but still squashy pedal - actually just like it was before I changed 'em …Any one "been there done that " ?

Master cylinder seal, perhaps?

RobThat was one of my thoughts as well - I seem to recall having read somewhere about MS seals getting damaged when trying to bleed the system …

Andy,The MS seal shouldn’t get damaged if you pressure bleed the system, its only when you use the “old fashioned way” of pressing the brake pedal to floor.

PhilDamn - thats what I thought I read… and guess how I did it !! [image][/image] - My other half was well happy about it as well - not.Still now been given a vacumn device from my friendly Britool man - but its got “the ultimate hand tool” written on the box ( really it has ) - so I hope its for brakes [image][/image]

PhilHow does the MS seal get damaged if bleeding the brake system using the brake pedal?? [image][/image]