Brakes !!

Lots of questions…

I have a grinding noise coming from the front nearside brake, have checked it today and there are grooves in the disc.

If I can’t see the pads (and am a complete numpty when it comes to this sort of thing so don’t know what I’m looking at anyway) and there are score marks in the disc, what does it mean?

Have the pads worn away or is something caught between the pad and the disc? I don’t have a trolley jack to take the wheel off…

I have done 15K miles, the garage checked the pads recently when I had new tyres, and said they had a bit of life left in them.

Can I get new ones/pagids straight from halfrauds? If so, how easy are they for a novice to fit, and for mainly road use what pads should I get?!?

New set of disks and pads, how long since the garage checked them?

some photos of the offending parts wouldbe helpful in offering any advice - new pads & discs are quite an expense to spring to if not actually required…oh and a trolley jack to do it with!

Have a look at the rears first, the brake pads are easier to see (the bit touching the disk) then looking at the fronts you should have a better idea of what to look for.