Brakes Upgrade?


I have heard it is well worth upgrading the standard brakes with improved pads, disks, hoses etc, even for general road use. What is the best course of action (which parts are best to go for), and how �much?



Pads - Pagid RS14s about �110 a pair (go can go cheaper but I doubt much better, they’re fab. They are motorsport ones so can squeel)

Disks - Geary’s Ali belled disks are rated and they do look good. About �300 for a pair

Hoses - Goodridge are about �80 for the set (and a couple of hours labour to install). Plus you’ll need some good fluid, Castrol SRF is best but �40 for the litre and some say OTT

Much more than this and you’re getting into bigger calipers and lots of expense. This’ll be a darn fine start.


This subject has been covered sooo many times on the BBS, and the answer is to go for braided steel hoses with castrol SRF fluid (expensive, but the best).
Pagid RS14s are the best pads out there. Again, these are a bit pricey but well worth it.
I don’t know about prices, but try or
That lot should make a big difference to the feel of the brakes, and is an excellent set-up for road use. It’s also a very good setup for trackdays.
There are a number of options in terms of disk and caliper upgrades, but I would start with the pads, hoses and fluid first because they’re almost certainly adequate for what you want.

Ian, you beat me to it

Ian, you beat me to it