Brakes - can you change the brakes?


does anybody know if there is a carbon brake available or a race abs brake for the S1 Exige?

Thanks for your input!

May we ask why the question, please?

For normal track use, upgrading to braided hoses, Castrol SRF fluid, & Pagid RS14 pads will enable you to outbrake almost anything else. Replacing the rotors with those with ali bells (Mutsnuts or Eliseparts supply these) will also improve the effect/longevitity of the brakes, particularly if you are a “heavy braker”, or when the original rotors require renewal.

The factory Motorport Elises (ie racing Exiges) did use larger 4 pot AP calipers at the front, with the original front calipers being moved to the rear. The downside of this being that you lost the use of the handbrake - not a problem for a car used purely on track! I believe that Hi Spec are currently developing some larger calipers, including a rear one with a handbrake.

Uldis has probably done more research into this subject than anyone else, so no doubt he’ll add his valuable comments.

Hope this helps

Hmmm, I think I know where you’re coming from.
Probably used to larger luxury cars where these things may form part of the flash factor. But to answer your questions: no, and no.

Carbon brakes are being used only in some top forms of motorsports nowadays. First because of the price, (as the 4 disk setup would cost you around �10K and it needs to be changed very often), and their practicality/usability as a road car, as they will definitely NOT brake until very hot.

On the other subject, racing ABS…
As far as I know not even F1 use ABS, the anti-locking action is left for the brain to control.
Nobody I know would like ABS on a track. I for sure wouldn’t.
And if you really must have it, then maybe one of the newer Exiges could be the answer, the S2. It has ABS, as it’s not a racecar for the road, but more of a road car that can be used in the track.
People have reported that it stops very well, apart from the longer pedal travel (which is a no-no in my book).

But like Pesky said… why? maybe you just bought an Exige and are not satisfied with the way it stops? It can be cured easily.

In order of importance:
-better pads: Pagid RS14 (or RS42), Mintex F4R, or EBC if for the road are fine
-braided hoses: a must, the stock hoses swell under pressure.
-better fluid: Castrol SRF is the best, but you can also use any Super DOT4, 5.1 with good results
-better disks: the originals are prone to warping, as their design leaves a lot to be desired (a last minute bodge by Lotus). Common ready systems are Elise Parts and Mutsnuts. Otherwise you can buy your preferred racing disk (AP, Brembo, Wilwood, etc) and manufacture your own centre bell.

So, tell us, why?


thanks both for the input. Yes, i am not happy with the brakes. Thanks for the input!

I can vouch that the changes described above really make a temendous difference…

However, I would also suggest that you do the obvious first step, which is to bleed the brakes… Amazing what a difference that can make as well…

I would say “Go for it”, but probably it is better to say “Stop this way!”

Porsche Supercup use ABS. I am sure F1 would if it was within the rules.


ABS would be pretty widely used in the higher ranks of motorsport if rules permitted - it was used in the good old days of DTM to great effect. Carbon brakes are a big investment to start with but they certainly don’t need changing frequently, one of the main reasons they are used in sportscars is there longevity - some cars go the whole 24hours of LeMans without a pad change thanks to carbon brakes which makes them no more expensive to run than steel… I wouldn’t want to try and put them on an Exige though, it would require A LOT of development.

If we would find 3 more volunteers, there is the company that have developed the Porsche Carbon Brake for the GT, and would built one for the exige. Arround 4.000 Pounds for all!
Who would like to join ?

Sorry, can’t see the point, when it costs so little to sort out the existing brakes, to the extent that only the likes of Radicals will outbrake you on track. Even if you go racing, AP 4 pot calipers will give you all the stopping power you need, from the speeds the Exige is capable of. If you were braking from 150mph plus, then that may be a different matter.

Best of luck, anyway

I second Pesky… why?

I’d recommend a few laps with a brake-sorted Exige (the way we mentioned) and you’d see if it’s needed.
More braking power would mean you need a lighter tyre contact area and different dynemics (downforce, etc).
If you did, you’d probably find that some would still be able to outbrake you at the track, just with braided hoses, fluid and pads.

I’ll take a miss on Carbon brakes too, I don’t fancy trying to stop on motorway slip roads in the pissing rain with those bad boys.