Brakes Again

I am about to have hoses fluid and pads canged by a local race acr prep companycan anyone tell me the part no’s for the hoses and the green stuff front and rear as "race Engineering have no experience with lotus might save a bit of time if I can give them correct detailsJohnC [image][/image]

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The Lotus part number for Goodridge brake hoses is A340J6000S, but if i were you, fit some stainless steel braided hoses as they will last longer. should have the info you require on pads, are you changing the brake fluid for Castrol SRF ??Also check that they flush the clutch system when the new fluid goes in.

I’d also not bother with the Greenstuff pads. A set of Mintex would be far better.If, however, you require the ultimate solution, the Pagid RS-14’s are incredible. Expensive, but last well and are in a class of there own performance wise.Also, I have to say that Castrol Super Dot4 fluid is fine. Quarter of the price of SRF and I’ve yet to meet anyone who could honestly tell the difference!CheersChris

Thanks GuysYour opinions are very helpfulI have ordered the stainless hoses and pagids from eliseparts.comAs usual not the cheapest optionJohnC :d

Good choice!!Let us know what you think when you get them fitted.CheersChrisps. Get the pad retaining clips “exagerated” when fitting the Pagid pads, this goes a long way to eliminating any pad rattle you might get.

ChrisHaving fitted Pagid pads and suffering a lot of rattle I am interested in what you mean by exagerating the retaining clips.Do you mean bending outwards the “wings” where the retaining pins go through and presuambly this only applies to the frontsDavid[This message has been edited by David Ward (edited 19 June 2002).]

We simply bent the clip with pliers so it was even more of a bugger to fit back onto the caliper and this has worked perfectly.My first set of pads prior to this rattled most annoyingly, not had the problem since.I only experienced the rattle from the front, haven’t heard of anyones rear pads rattling.Dreadful explanation, but hopefully it makes sense!CheersChris[This message has been edited by ChrisJ (edited 20 June 2002).]

Ordered the parts from eliseparts Tues afternoon , promised to ship next day got them thurs Thats the kind of service I loveWell done Elise parts im impressedJohnC

Anyone got an idea on how much a dealer would charge (or has charged) to fit braided hoses all round and new pads all round if you supplied the parts yourself? I’m thinking of investing in some stainless steel Goodridge hoses and a set of Mintex 1144 pads.Plus - anyone had to replace their disks yet - I’ve got about a 1mm lip around the edge of my fronts after about 6,000 miles. Although this could be a combination of disk wear with rust build up on the unswept extremity of the disk. The Service Notes I’ve seen just refer to the original aluminium metal matrix disks on the elise and that they need replacing if the thickness drops from 26.0mm to 24.9mm. Anyone know the corresponding stats for cast iron Motorsport disks?Plus - Anyone know the price for Lotus Motorsport disks?So many questions - it’s my thirst for knowledge.Cheers, Tim

Supplementary question - Sorry !Pagid RS15 pads seem a bit pricey but from comments on here appear to be the best - plus they appear to last well - anyone know how their longevity compares with Mintex 1144 pads ?Cheers, Tim

Timbo,I had to have my rear discs replaced at 5000 miles - corrosion rather than wear but very disappointing longevity resulting from poor manufacture!Mike

quote:Originally posted by 83man:I had to have my rear discs replaced at 5000 miles - corrosion rather than wear but very disappointing longevity resulting from poor manufacture!Maybe the (Elise Parts) Alu ones are right up your street then?!Ian [image][/image]

The Mintex 1144 are a fast road compound - I understand you can get 1155 which is more suited.The Pagid RS-15’s are a development of the 14’s. I’ve been using 14’s and have had more than 20k miles out of a set. They last superbly. I’m running them with Geary’s two piece disc’s, which again are a very high quality item. Together its an expensive set up, but last very well and performs beautifully!The Lotus motorsport discs are of a pretty poor quality. I think Geary does the drilled, grooved or any combination on single piece discs, which should be better made, but are probably a fraction of Lotus’ price!CheersChris

Thanks for the info ChrisCheers, Tim