Brake upgrade

Hi, I have done my research through the search function, but can’t find out what I want. I need to replace my front discs and therefore pads. I brought the car from Trevor Gravestock who upgraded them but I don’t know what he used. I will do 2-3 track days a year and would like advice on what pad to buy ( rs-14 / 4-2 etc ) and also discs. I don’t fancy the Eliseparts ones ( bells ) as they are too dear. Any help appreciated, Thanks

Hi Rob,I dont think there is much choice on the disk side, either the “turbo grooved” disks, the “bell” disks both from Eliseparts or the standard Lotus items. I think most of us here rate the Pagid RS14’s very highly for both road and track use although at very slow speeds they do squeal like hell !

RobTrevor put Pagid RS14s on the car.