Brake Upgrade

Howdy,Looking for comments on upgrading brakes. I am aware of the motorsport upgrade from Lotus.Fabian who posted the message about the JRZ’s has a AP racing setup on his Exige that looks nice. It’s about 1,800 Euros. It sounds simular to the Motorsport upgrade but its cheaper and I like his electronic bias adjustment better than the lever.Has anyone done brake upgrades? What have you done and what were the results? My car is for track use only so I’m looking for improvement on the track.ThanksRoy

First thing to do is fit Pagid RS14 pads (the autobytel race cars used this pad) and some braided hoses.The Lotus discs aren’t the best and heavy track use has seen these crack between the drillings.Discs/bells are the best to use - they change the position of the inside vent and this allows the discs to cool properly. All other Exige and S1 Elise discs have the inside vent facing outwards. This stops the disc cooling properly and is the reason why the inner pads are worn faster than the outers. can supply disc/bells and I have used these for 20k+ miles with little wear - ie the quality of the brake disc material is far better than that used by the manufacturers of the Lotus discs. The front pads have also covered similar mileage. My car is used for road/track/hillclimbs/sprints and needs good stopping power for its 220+bhp.You may find that using the mods above transforms the brakes such that you don’t need to go to the expense of the caliper upgrades.The pads, discs/bells and hoses are about 850 GBP. DOT 5.1 fluid is all that is required, so you don’t have to use silicon fluid and can avoid all the accociated short life and seal changing issues that switching to that brings.SteveB