Brake Problems

I have changed the rear discs and pads today, whilst I was doing that I also changed the brake hoses to steel braided ones. I have bled the system using an Eezibleed kit, there is no air in the system whatsoever yet I can’t build up any pressure. Anybody got any ideas where I might have gone wrong?



No idea, but if you can’t build pressure (and it’s not leaking from somewhere) you can be sure there is air in the system.

Not bled properly then.

I have just done a search on here and pistonheads and it says that you should invert the front calipers whilst bleeding them! There are no leaks so I guess I will try inverting them and bleeding again! If this doesn’t work i’m goosed!! When i press on the brake pedal there is a squishing sound, I was wondering if this was just fluid that has spilt onto a rubber boot or could it be a master cylinder on its way out?

yes for the from u have to bleed them upside down at the beginning. Then turn i the right direction (so that air can not pass from the ext cylinder to the in cylinder) and bleed again.
If u think how the caliper is, u will understand that the in cylinder can never lose all the air because the escape is at the botton. Turning it u solve the prob.
This double bleed should be applied to all opposed piston caliper.


I have found to get rock hard pedal you need to bleed, drive around the block, bleed again and once more just cause i like it rock solid. Works for us.

Also will be worth your while to bleed the clutch as well because it works from the same fluid and can’t do any harm.

Yeah, deffo sounds like air in the system. The best thing we ever got at our workshop was a brake bleeder that you connect to the bleed nipple and then to your air line and it actually sucks the fluid through, rather than you having to push it, like with an easy bleed.