brake pipe rubbing

Does the gearbox really move that far?
The brake pipe looks like it’s had some serious rubbing.
I have the yellow mount inserts at present but I’m struggling to come up with a solution other than re routing the pipe downwards a bit.

You could sleeve it with a piece of rubber fuel hose. Split along it’s length and then zip tied. Re routing a new section would be better tho.

A reply!!!
I thought I’d offended the community and had been sent oop North to that place that was flattened in the war. ( but now hosts Wasps)

That’s what I’ve done. At least it will give me a chance to observe new wear.

Very weird, never had that on mine, can the pipe be routed another way?

I thought that and then decided that it could result in the pipe getting even more squashed, so I did not reply.

The pipe is fixed length (obviously) and shaped to get from a to b around the various corners. It would need a new piece of pipe ,which I could do out of kunifer,but where would you put it when you’re not quite sure what is going on?
Set up a camera? Put a mouse trap in there?

Cynic mode on. Your brake pipe has taken a beating when your gearbox has been removed/refitted? Add some coloured paint to see if this reoccurs for your next track day?

Or go ooop centralish - and support Wasps!?!! At least it would be the right code!!!

Now that is a good shout. You ought to think of taking this up as a job. (Instead of part-time in a Hull warehouse).
And you are correct , it is the right code, albeit doffing hat in respect to the Northern Monkey game.