Brake pads

Now that i’ve got some bells and ap disks sorted for the front (thanks to JasonR ) does anyone have any recommendations with respect to pads? Pagid RS14’s or 42’s? Any other brand?

Would there be any issues running pagid’s at the front and mintex at the back (yes i know im pikey ).



If you’ve upgraded to 295mm AP rotors then make the most of them! RS14s are the only way to go.


i’d use Rs14’s on both axles… what flavour of mintex are you thinking of?

If your trying to reduce costs then I’d fit SBS pads all round, they work very well on my car and quite a few others are using them successfully now.

Not to bothered about the costs to be honest. It’s just that im only fitting bells and discs to the front at the moment and thought I could leave the rear axle as is and upgrade at a later date.

I’ve got mintex pads on all round at present - cant for the life of me remember what their called 1155’s?? - they are not the standard mintex jobbies?

Whats the price of these SBS one’s and where can you get them? Anyone else have experience of them?




if cost isn’t a hurdle then surely it must be Rs14’s but if it is an issue then folks do speak well of SBS, ULdis is as hard on the brakes as anyone i know and he has good comment to make about Ferodo DS2500 as well.

I didnae think you would be using standard Mintex pads - they are made of cheese, but you might be quite happy with 1155’s on the rear with Rs14’s up front - try it andsee ??

SBS are good (so I hear), as good as the RS14, which are the reference point for us track-dudes.
Ferodo DS2500 are good too, on par with the RS14 but with a slightly different bite, lockup not as sudden as on the RS14.
And they don’t squeal as the RS14.

You just have to go out and try some


For track use more often then road use the Pagid RS14’s are king. for road use more than track use, the Ferodo DS2500’s are great once bedded properly and pretty decent on the track to. In fact they are very decent with minimal noise.

What normally happens is the DS2500’s are a stepping stone to the RS14’s, so to speak. Going from a road pad to a decent track pad like the DS2500 is a huge leap, and then eventually limits start getting pressed and you feel they are not good enough anymore, then you move to the RS14’s and are wowed again. However there is alot of noise, As long as you are willing to accept that the Pagids are the way to go.

Personally for Road 80/20 Track, i would stick with DS2500, braided hoses, 295mm discs and castrol SRF.

Do remember to bed your new discs in with old pads, or vice versa, no matter how tempting it is to only take the front wheels off once .

Just to throw a spanner in the works.

I have just gone from Pagod’s to Performace friction, carbon metalic, compound 01 pads.

OH MY GOD is all I can say.

Truely awesome, although they are very hard on the disks.


Those are the ones i like and am replacing the DS3000’s with next time. They have a rising rate of friction, as opposed to a flat friction curve on the Pagids. You have to be very hard on the brakes and have good feel or they lock constantly,

I like it because i prefer to come off the pedal slightly as the bite increases,instead of having to increase pedal pressure with the flat curve pads. As a road pad it is a no go unless you really like surprises in the wet.

Thanks guys - some good advice there. Think I might give the DS2500’s a try and see how I get on. I guess these and the AP disks are going to be miles better than the standard setup anyway.

Any recommendations for suppliers of the Ferodo pads?

Jason - excuse my ignorance but whats the reason for using old pads to bed new disks in? I was thinking it would be best to replace both pads and disks at the same time?


You’re in Aberdeen, right?

Wallace Performance in the Bridge of Don sells them.
Call me if you have any questions about them.

Yea still in Aberdeen - right behind Wallace performance actually. I’ll pay them a visit once i get back onshore tomorrow.

How’s your car doing Uldis? Got my first taste of track driving last weekend so hoping to get down to knockhill soon.

Car’s perfect, but the itch to modify and do things doesn’t end.
Now I have to figure out where to install the gauges that I bought and get around to actually installing them!
Change the fuel pump, exhaust, map the car again, etc, etc


It is better to bed in a new friction surface with a used friction surface. The theory is that new surfaces have a sort of glazing on them, which has to be removed before they start working correctly, if you have 2 brand new surfaces with glazing on them there will not be enough “roughness” to remove the glazing and they will not bed in properly. So you need 1 smooth and 1 rough surface to bed in the smooth surface.

I find it easier to fit the discs first as it is the bigger job, bed them in a bit and then fit the new pads.

If these were the ones you had on when I had a ride Sean, my helmet was the only thing keeping my face on!!!


LOL, Yes mate they were in at Croft a few weeks a go. I personally think they are better than the Pagids, for initial bite etc.


wot you doing up at this time?

av you rung that bird yet

wot you doing up at this time?

av you rung that bird yet

LOL, yes I have been chatting to her for a few weeks now. She texts me most days actually. I am up now, cus I have been away for the last two days, down south with some 19 year old bird. I couldn’t pass it up as there can’t be that many teenagers willing to shag an old git like me!!!


Thats a good excuse = mine is the plane was late - I must get out more