Brake Pads: Performance Friction PF01 v Pagid RS14

After having spent the last 2 years on Pagids (first RS42s and then RS14’s) I was pretty happy with them on my S1, never really had a problem and didn’t see the need to change (if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!).

My last set of RS14’s wore down rather too far…which I’m pretty sure caused some pads deposits on the discs.

My new set of RS14’s were giving me some vibrating problems at the recent Oulton Park trackday, so I thought I’d take the chance and try the PF01s and clean the discs up to remove the pad deposits.

Visually, the PF01’s looked very promising… they provide a bigger swept area due to no cutout at the bottom of the pad and no grove…

However, one problem this caused, was that because I’d been running pagids for some time, the disc was ‘shaped’ to the pagid height… meaning that the PF01 would be running on a previously unused section of the disc which was thicker than the rest of the pad contact area (where my pagids had worn the disc) - Something to bear in mind if you are thinking of changing !!

Whilst I was doing the change I scrubbed the discs to remove the previous pad deposits (you could see them visually).

So, I was kinda worried about this raised section of disc but ran with them at Silverstone yesterday anyway… fortunately it was wet in the morning so the brakes got a pretty gentle time… I had some slight judder, but they didn’t feel too bad so I stuck with it (hopefully wearing the thicker part of the disc to match the rest)

The track dried up in the afternoon and I gave them some hammer… initial bite is better than the pagids, and I think overall stopping power is improved too (probably down to the extra pad swept area). No vibrations or fade at all even with pretty long track sessions (to be fair I don’t think I ever had fade with the Pagids either).

To conclude, the PF01’s were excellent - the only thing I’d be wary of was the pad area if you are putting them onto pre-worn discs… they will be using parts of the discs that haven’t been touched before (ultimately a very good thing though!)

I guess ideally you could get the discs skimmed down to be perfect before fitting but I didn’t have time for this!

Hopefully you can see the newly scrubbed area on the pics below (taken post trackday yesterday) - the slightly raised area closest to the disc bell.

Another close up…

Oh, probably worth adding - there seems to be a lot more brake dust from the PF01s… doesn’t bother me as my car is abused like a ginger haired stepchild, but it might bother some of the GJOBs :wink:

Just to add I’m running PF97’s and they are fantastic. Take a bit of warming up on the road but stunning stopping power on track.

Also noticed the same regarding a part worn disc. Slight lip on outside of the disc wore a bit of a groove in the pad until it evened up after a couple of TDs.

Very interesting but is there a best pad for track days in your opinion, or is it just a matter of choice and how hard you want to drive?

PF01 front, PF97 my choice as I want maximum performance under strain on circuit.

Depends if you drive a lot on the road as well as the track… for pure track use I’d have to suggest PF01’s now.

If you aren’t driving much on track and want a nice fast road pad, the Pagid RS42’s were ok…

Jesus man, you sound like a gillette advert! :smiley:

[Gillette tune on]

PF…the best a track can get…

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Jesus man, you sound like a gillette advert! :smiley:[/quote]

That’s the ex Donington tosser, n’est ce pas?

Soooo, to clarify!

PF97 for only track biased, and PF01 for road and track confirm? :confused:

(all I need now is a bloody car! :angry:)

Other way round dude.

I have some 97’s on the shelf if you want some.

97s and 01s are both race pads… if you are spending lots of time on the road you might be better with the Pagid RS42.

The only trouble I have on road or track with the PF’s is the dust, they work well on both for me. They are not grabby like I found 14’s and don’t squeel like the 42’s I had PF for me all the way :smiley:

On my Exige, I Loved the Pagid 42’s on the AP disks. My only comment was they did not have a lot of bite when cold! Once warm/hot… GREAT!

Interesting stuff about the PF pads…

On my Elise 160, I used SBS pads… excellent! They dont seem to get a lot of press however! But I would use them again…!

PF01’s and 97’s are excellent pads and cheaper that Pagids!! :wink:

Following terrible brake judder at Oulton I took Jason’s advise and bought some PFs from him… :slight_smile:
When I dismantled the brakes after the TD I found that the RS14s had etched themselves into the disc. :frowning:
I never leave the handbreak on but leaving a wet car in the garage overnight seems to have caused it… :sleep:
Discs now being skimmed , lets hope the PFs are as good as you all say!! :smiley:

Thanks for that, I only use my car for track days, so where is the best place to buy PF01 pads and how much should I be paying?

They are around the 90 quid mark for the fronts…

I got mine from Tech9 Motorsport via Damon, SeanB on here sells them also.

Cheers for that, I have read some horrendous reports about the brake dust on the wheels being very hard to remove and even the bodywork of some cars. My car has silver wheels so could be a problem?

Yes to be fair you have to consider the performance vs. posing aspect of these pads.

Bedding them in in the wet will result in difficult to remove deposits.

No s**t…brand new VOLKS!