Brake pads offer

Through my trade contacts I can offer Performance Friction brake pads.

These are PF01’s rated as a race pad, equivalent to the Pagid RS14, however I have used them on the road as well and they are great.

I have found they give a more progressive feel and are not subject to the crumbling and increased rate of wear when getting low compared to other popular choices for the Lotus.

Prices are

2 piston caliper - 84.68 +vat

4 piston caliper - �93.24 +vat

1 piston caliper is a PF97 compound - �96.57 +vat

Email me at [email protected] if you would like some.



Can you get them for other cars?

Yes, email me your requirements and I’ll see what we can do.

Are you sure they are not equivalent to the RS14s bud ?

42’s are more a road pad than the 14’s.

Your right Dave will amend

I presume the 1 piston caliper are for the rears?
And the 4 piston is for the AP’s?

Thats right Ade.

Damon do you have the rears in stock?

Email sent

Rears available Russ.

Rears available Russ.

If you have a set of rear PF01’s, I will have them please.

How would you like payment?

Correction made to first post, PF97s for rears. Performance Friction do not feel the PFC01 is necessary for the rears.