Brake pad supplier in Manchester?

A telling grinding noise from front left brake indicates quick replacement of pad needed…going to struggle to get to Chris Neil’s today - anyone know a supplier and fitter in Manchester??


Get them mailed ordered, you should get them within 24 hrs. Then fit them yourself, or take them and the car round to your local �25 hour mechanic. If you do a lot of track days then get some Pagid RS14’s (pricey but v. good) and Castrol SRF brake fluid (also pricey but v. good). Otherwise some just some Mintex 1144’s. Try Eliseparts, Hangar 111 etc.

Seriously, if you have the time and the inclination its worthwhile doing it yourself - you’ll learn a lot about the car and save money. The only fear is that you get carried away and before you know it you’ve replaced anti-roll bars, engine mounts, uprights - just because they weren’t as shiney as the ones on the internet

Try Questmead, based in Rochdale. Sent me a full set of SBS pads for �145.72 including vat and p&p next day delivery. Replacing pads is an easy job.

01706 860088