Brake Lights Staying On

Last week went to start Exige, battery stone dead - strange as perfect 2 days earlier - put it down to leaving radio on - charged battery up perfect. Today secretary tells me I’ve left lights on in car park - goes out checks, no lights on, matey then tells me lights have been left on, goes out and yes rears are on - appears the brake lights are coming on intermittently - reckon must have happened in garage other day - spect its just the switch but anyone else experienced this prob? - or is that the lil’ beaut is trying to grab attention .


Trouble is, as you always drive with clogs on, yer little beaut has been indoctrinated

Must be the switch!

PS Get yourself (& Dedgood) booked in at Oulton on 12th December - or at least book the day out of the office & come & join us for the usual p*ss take & laugh - there will be some Southerners, Jocks & the odd Mexican to abuse!!!

Simon, stop using the f**kin brakes so much anyway I will, and I mean this I really do, will be attending Oulton on the 12 of Dec one thing tho. I’m trying to locate a trailer at the moment, anyone got any ideas?
Sorry I’ve been a bit scarce recently (too much work, moving house and BTCC)

LOL Rob and Peter thanks for those kind words - yep after J5 drove me round Elvington in Blink Elise realise I use middle pedal far too much - now operating by itself- auto mode!!! - reckon Oulton could be a goo’er so long as someone can show an ol’ guy around - Peter missed Exige support at last NYLOC

I’m trying to locate a trailer at the moment, anyone got any ideas?

Peter, have you seen this one Bookatrack Classifieds

Thanks Rob, I’ll look into it…Simon what did I miss at the NYLOC meeting?

The Trailer on Bookatrack is no use for an Exige I have already spoken to mark abotut it
Trailers are few and far between in good condition
the only way appears to be a new one and it needs to be the wider version
ie 6ft wide


You have Mail


Get a beavertail - see this thread

Thanks for the info Orange, that’s saved me a job!.. Mike I’ll check out the link

Steve many thanks for the info - thats what is unique about this BBS guys actually want to help you out

Prob was brake switch had actually come out of the pedal box housing…

  • but new switch is but �7 from Lotus!!

Result - yes!

Glad to hear it was easy peasy Simon

Glad to be of some help

Cheers Steve.