brake judder, disks warped?

After a recent track day at oulton park my exige has permenant brake judder,happened mid morning on track day but breaking efficiency was still spot on.I have lotus sport discs,pagid pads,goodridge hoses and better fluid(think .5 not sure).Not taken pads out to inspect yet but the outter edge thats vissible they look to have crumbled slightly.will a pad change cure the judder or is it new disks again,or perhaps they can be skimmed? or should i just put up with judder as car still stops on a button!

Speak to Stuart @ Pollack Engineering…01506 497157
He knows about Exige Brakes.

…but he sleep walks!

cheers tone, where is he based.take it you spotted the deliberate spelling mistake or was it a slipped DISC!

Can happen that the disks warp after a few hot laps and no slow down lap just straight into the pits, before they have had sufficient time to cool on a slow down lap.

If they are warped propably better to get a new set of discs, wouldn’t be to keen on skimming them. Pagids are quite hard on the discs, rather get new set and bed them in with new pagid if you old ones are not great anymore.

Hope this helps, i am waiting for new disks as mine are officially dead.

He’s based in Livingston, Scotland.
And is the maker of the MutsNuts disks.

Your problem is that you overheated the disks. Being made of cheese, they didn’t actually warp, but they had uneven depositions on them that in places (and due to the overheating) have become cementite.

The problem will not go away, even if you skim them (trust me, I tried). The pulsing action will come back.

Only oprion is to change to better disks and good pads, like Pagids.
If after this you still have the same problem (it happened to me with Hi Spec), you are a heavy braker and need to enable the cooling vents.
Check out my thread on the subject elsewhere in this forum.

But yes, you have a problem and your disks are toast.

thanks lads you sure know how to cheer a guy up dont you ha ha!new discs new pads ����� anyone need the services of an ace car valeter?

I had the same problem after my first track day.I had my discs skimmed on the car by ABP in cheshire which cured the problem and has not returned in 10000miles.Cost was �120 for 4 discs.Excellent value

Well, it depends on your driving style.
But made me think, if it’s just developed and hasn’t cooked up yet, the uneven deposits may not yet have been transformed into cementite.
Try this, by hand: take the disks off and sand themm up with rough sandpaper.
You will not eat into the material, but will clean out any high part, any pad deposit.
I did that once just when it was developing and it worked.
Didn’t trust the disks for my use since this happens when you’re going over the design parameters, of the pads or the disks (operating temperatures) so went for something that would dissipate heat better.

Try it, if it doesn’t work you can just cjhange the fronts. This problem does not happen on the rear (as there is very little braking torque there).
Also, if on the cheap, you can try the EBC grooved disks, never originals. I “warped” three sets of those (front)

thanks will try sanding them.They werent originals they were lotus sport ones.Not sure about ebc as i had some ebc pads and they overheated and broke up and damaged original discs, used pagids ever since.was thinking of putting some ducting to brakes by cutting into the resess under the lights,believe they were cut away on the motorsport elise.has anyone done this mod?

Rob - Uldis has done a brilliant mod, and if you search, you’ll find all aboout it, with photos and just about everything you could need…

He’s a star !!

Err… thanks Mike, I love you too!

The original thread talked about the Mutsnuts Disks

but this is appliccable to any other disks, that is vented the correct way.
You’ll find in this thread the original discussion. The reference to the molds is on page #2, almost all the way down.

Or, here

PS - note that I haven’t forgotten to do more scoops, but with everything that has happened in the last few months, I’m late.
I’ll have them in a few weeks.

very impressive,been reading all stuff about different discs,pads given me a headache ha ha.where are all you chaps from do you meet up anywhere, like to have nosey at all your cars.I am in north west, bury to be presice.Passed mot today must put bypass pipe back on, feels so sluggish with cat on.

sorry just realised your locations are under your names, i will get used all this forum stuff eventually.


Get yourself along to the “Watermillock” pub on Crompton Way in Bolton, on first Weds of each month. Plenty of Loti, including Exiges (myself, RussT, Steve, Ted, DSE, EvoSal).

Yes, great place from what I hear.

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