Brake fluid Change.

The car went in for its 1st year service today. They dealer called and told me the brake fluid was due to be changed (car has done 6500 miles). At the cost of �75 + vat.
Is this correct?

Sounds expansive(b*llocks) to me, i changed my own only after i boiled it and im on 20K miles now.

Depends road only dont bother if your tracking the beastie within an inch of its life then change it as often as you can. I would get it done at a specialist if you are lucky enogh to have one near you.

Hi, interesting, my car has 10000km, I think like 6000miles, and had several times that my brake pedale got stuck. The garage told me that probably the liquid needs to be replaced. I’m amazed by this, only did 10000km!!!

Haven’t done it yet, so cannot tell you that this will fix the problem, but will let you know if it will fix it.