Brake duct funnel?

Does anybody sell these that are moulded in the right shape to fit onto the Exige front clam? (I prefer a proper funnel rather than a hole )

Nope, I had to make my own.

Check This page

Nope, I had to make my own.

Check > This page >

and although I have said it once I’ll say it again - a bloody nice job too!!

Nope, I had to make my own.

Check > This page >

Nice Job too
do you fancy making some more and selling them to me

So with the ducting, do you ever drive to the end of a motorway in the rain, and the brakes are stone cold and piss wet thru and don’t work? Do you remove them when you are not on track? I’d have thought they were a liability on the road.

Nice job by the way, v tidy.

Perhaps a removable cover for the front clam intake would be useful. Remove to allow airflow in during trackdays, place back for normal road driving.?


AFAIK that’s exactly what Uldis does (in effect). Bunging foam rubber in the intakes is just as effective, though not as aesthetically pleasing

Yep, some people have seen me uncovering arriving at a trackday and coveruing before I leave.
I’m going to do some proper covers, but lately I’ve resorted to cover it with the ever-reliable… duct tape!

In fact, I already bought some nice material: the polypropilene used for the Sparco wheelarch gravel protectors. I’ll cut some of the same shape as the grill in the end, and use some quick connectors like the plastic rivets.

Yes, cooling the brakes for normal road driving is bad, you are forever trying to heat them up. But then there has been the occasional road run where I had to stop to uncover the ducts…

Same with rainy track days, better leave them covered.

And Maddog, yes, some people have asked me for some when I make them again, but I have to apologise, since more thn a year ago we moved house twice and this one doesn’t have a garage. I’m in the process of building one now, and once that’s done I’ll make a few things, like the ducts, the shrouds, some widgets to raise the steering wheel (tall drivers, no more banging the steering wheel with the legs, possibility to H&T), etc.
I know, it’s a bit late, there are newer Lotus out there, but it’ll be just for fun.

‘The Edwards approach’ is an easier half way house that can always be converted to the ‘full Uldis’. They cut a hole in the area and a hole in the liner and feed a pipe through, it makes an improvement. Plus their approach leaves an area to attach a cover over the whole, not that there have been reports of crap making its way in there (although obviously more of an issue with Uldis’ method as the air goes straight into the disk).

Pics anyone?


Actually, my first try had air dumping into the general area of the disk, and that was very bad on a road driven car like mine, (not so much on a track only car I would suppose) as all the grit on the roads go to the caliper assembly.
That has the effect of dumping all the shite onto the exposed surfaces, soon clogging it up, filling the grooves, dirt in the pads, behind the backing plate, the exposed part of the piston, etc.

The cleanest way is to route the air (even if it was dirty) is through the inside of the disc, as there are no moving parts and it is expelled through the edge of the disc.
The only thing that gets dirty then are the insides of the wheel.

Also, because I wanted to do it this way and the inside of the vanes has a very big flowing area, I needed more than the 2" than you can get from just a hole that fits in the end. With the scoop you can fit a 2.5" hose, much more flow.

So, if your car is driven on the road I would very much advise against just dumping air in the general area.

Uldis, thanks for your insight

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Would these be useful to anyone ?


Ive fitted these on cars before but by the time you have frigged around getting them to fit you may as well have fabricated them from scratch.