Brake Disks

Can anyone tell me what the minimum thickness for front and rear breakdisks are please?



its documented on here do a search…

but i’ll telll you a secret…

standard discs are 26mm and the min before replacement is supposed to be 24.9mm…

but remember lots of this stuff is already on here if you use the search facility.

The Eliseparts disks are thinner than this. Personally, I’m not a fan of thinner disks as I think a lot of the firm pedal feeling comes from having thick disks and pads. I know others think the same, particularly at the rear.


The main problem with thinner disks is cooling: less internal vane area.
The disks will therefore run hotter.
Add the fact that the caliper pistons are going to be working more extended, more flex and harder on the seals.

This is one of the reasons I went for the MutsNuts: thicker, bigger, cooler

Uldis(or anybody), you interested in getting some hubs made up so we can fit those AP disks you found?


Actually, for this I would go to Stuart as well. He’s all up for experimenting and after all, this is the way it started, him manufacturing a set of bells for my Hi Spec disks.

Call him, I’m sure he’ll do a nice set for you. (and post pics)

He’s all up for experimenting…

What he does in his own time is his own business!

He was going to be my first port of call.

What are the Hi-Spec disks you have? Or is that an old thing you’ve moved on from?



thicker, bigger, cooler

well… at least two of those are right…

What are the Hi-Spec disks you have? Or is that an old thing you’ve moved on from?

Yep, still have them, but weren’t up tp specs when getting crazy.
They worked fine until I got banzai, then they turned blue and started pulsing (uneven depositions). I sent them back and they re-surfaced them for free and they worked well since, but as soon as I had the Mutsnuts I took them off and I still have them in a box.
They basically performed about the same as Geary’s but didn’t eat the pads like them. Both run too hot (less vent area because of being thinner)

And now I wouldn’t go back to 284mm because the alloy shield wouldn’t fit it, and I know I would overheat them again.
But they had very little use, maybe I’ll sell them someday.