Braided lines - worth it?

I’m posting on here because the replies (so far) on SELOC are all from people with either S1’s or non-ABS Elises.

Basically I’m planning to bleed the fluid again soon anyway AND I am pretty confident I can change the lines without removing the clam (special tools being made ). So, is it worth it for road use? Bearing in mind I’ve adjusted the pedals, changed the pads to Mintex and bled the damn things dry already will I notice any change by switching to braided lines?

Is it worth the effort for hard road driving?

In a word … no, unless you have a few hundred ���’s laying around burning a hole in your flares.

I’ve found a change of pads and fluid more than enough for trackuse, never mind hard road use.

I would disagree - if you are changing the discs/pads you might as well change the hoses.

Daft not to.

I would disagree - if you are changing the discs/pads you might as well change the hoses.

Daft not to.

[color:“red”] [/color] , instant better brake feel. You only have to look at Superbikes, never mind fast road cars!

Regards, Darryl

Agreed. They do make a worthwhile difference. I had mine done while the clam was off to sort out the heater.

but guys - we got servo’s now… will never feel as good as without…

Actually with braided hoses, decent pads and the pedal adjusted to take out the slack, I think the brake feel is pretty good. I’m more than happy to trade a couple of tenths of brake feel for the reassurance of ABS in trcky wet conditions. And maybe I’ve got weak legs, but I never really felt I could get the best out of the brakes on the S1 because of the high pedal pressure needed to approach the point of lock-up.

I had mine done while the clam was off

…So its not just a case of taking the wheels off and there they are!!!

I but how much extra weight for the servo?

I’ve just given it some after fitting new 4-pots from Hanger 111, I also fitted braided hoses. The stopping power compared to the original brakes is awesome, there is a big big difference. I really tried them out earlier today and I’m telling you there is a big difference…and on road there fine too!

Bring on Donny Monday

Yes the AP’s are brill, only thing I find is they are a little grabby at low speeds while in traffic. The extra stopping power is great

jonnyfox how much did that upgrade set you back?

PM’d mate.

If you are a member of Lotus Club International the cheapest place for the AP Big Brake Kit is Lotus Motorsport . They are currently offering 15% off parts and labour.

Not sure if these sold or not and infact if they were any good
I got my AP’s second hand, I could not afford the new price.