Braided Brake Lines

Hi Guys,

My brake pedal is just a tiny bit squidgy and so I have been looking to source braided steel brake lines as an upgrade. This is something I’ve done on other cars and have always felt the benefit.

Does anyone know of a supplier? The usual’s don’t offer them for the S3 Exige.



[mention]seriouslylotus[/mention] do you have anything suitable?

Some sites (incl. Seriously Lotus) list the S2 ones as good for ALL generations of Exige, suggesting they may be a common fitment across S1, S2 and S3? I’m sure Dave will confirm shortly.

V6 already has braided hoses.
I suggest a brake fluid change…
I have SRF in stock!!

RBF600 rather than SRF in my opinion, not dissing your SRF Dave, but even for hard track use I’ve never found the need to go DOT5 Silicon fluid, but agree the standard stuff is not up to the job.

Ahem…Thanks for that. I’ve had a word with myself, checked the lines (yes they are braided) and ordered some SRF.

Cheers all.

Motul RBF660 offers better dry boiling point than SRF based on their tech sheet (328c opposed to SRF’s 325c) but the wet boiling point is a lot higher with SRF (270c over RBF660’s 204c). Not overly important if you regularly change the brake fluid.

SRF is like £60 a litre where as RBF660 is like £30 a litre… and for a full flush your going to need 1.5-2L if you include doing the clutch too.

An alternative to RBF660 is Gulf Competition RF1000 which is 325c/205c

Opie Oils do offers on them quite often.

I never had any issues with Motul 600 in the exige. But, have started using 660 in the Elan and started to just use that in the other cars too. It’s not much more expense and does have some added security re boiling points.

Yup, totally agree… the RBF600 or RF800 is a good fluid to use for street and fast road, but the added temps of the other two do offer that safety net, the chances of boiling fresh fluid on the street it highly unlikely but… I like safety nets :slight_smile: