Bracket for camcorder?

I would like to start using a digital camcorder to keep a record of all the tracks I’ve driven on (should have done that ages ago). I know some of you have done this as well. Here’s my request for help: do you know where I can buy a bracket to fit the camera inside the cabin of the car? I’ve heard of a couple of different solutions. One is a suction device to mount the camera on the glass panel over the bulkhead, the other a metal bracket that clips around the roll-over bar. Any ideas about where to go for my purchase? Many thanks, Roland

Same thing has just been asked on the Elise BBS. Check out these 2 sites for some more info - in car filming Or check out the main thread - HTHRob

Try B Hague & Co Ltd (Tel 0115 987 0031 or I bought their suction mount holder and it works pretty well although it is a bit fiddly to get the suction to work sometimesHope this is of helpDavid