Bought it today.

Hello folks.

I bought a bright yellow Exige today.

So after 8 years of Caterham ownership, I have finally bought a grandad car ie. one with a roof.

Saw it on tinternet. Went and had a look, had a drive. All is ok with it. Except for an annoying squeek from a seat! Took my brother who’s a mechanic and had a good fertle about underneath and in all the nooks and crannies and all was in order. Chassis and pickups were unmarked. HPI clean.

Looking forward years of pleasure.

I guess I need to find the Croft trackday details and see if there are any spaces left!


congrats on the purchase! welcome to the strange but wonderful world of exige ownership!


I was talking with Mark today at Anglesey - he told me you’d bought his car yesterday


So Mr Pesky,

I think he was a bit nervous when 2 big skinheads turned up wanting to take his car away. He seemed like a nice bloke, plenty of nice toys in his garage Car seems sound too. Had some paint and plastic but nothing serious.


He didn’t describe you - so you must have given him a fright

Garage - I’m not usually a fan of cars from Bavaria, but…

Do you know the car then mr Pesk,

I know it’s yellow, but have I bought a lemon?

Nah, no lemon.

Mark knows his stuff, & he knew the car’s detailed history from new. He tends to be very cautious before putting his hand in his wallet

The car was LRV’s demo S1, & was run in & used daily by Mark’s dad - LRV’s very experienced Lotus Sales Manager. The car suffered some minor (but new rear clam) damage after a customer span it at Anglesey in 2001. After an excellant repair job (it was off the road for a couple of months IIRC), it was then bought by a local bloke (Yogi) in Bolton, with about 8k miles on the clock. AFAIK he never tracked it, & only used it occasionally at weekends for the next 2 or 3 years. He then asked LRV to sell it for him, & they had it up for �24K for a few months, but didn’t achieve a sale. Yogi then traded it in locally against a Beemer. Mark (who works for BMW) then bought it sometime in 2004.

As far as I know,the car is sound, & provided you ensure that the oil level is correct, & change it & the filter every 3k miles, you should have a lot of fun

I believe that Croft is not a million miles from where you live, so make sure you book yourself in & meet the rest of the nutters

Cheers fella, good to get the info from a 3rd party. I knew it had had a rear clam, but not the other details. I must admit it was repaired very well.

I’ll book Croft tomorrow hopefully.