Bosch Silver Plus battery

Just a bit of info, I tried to get hold of the Bosch battery for Trudy’s car, couldn’t get one unless i had a wait a week for Bosch to deliver, so i ended up with a Varta Silver Dynamic battery.

I have just seen a picture of the Bosch and both batterys are identical even down to the part no: 543 107 048

So if you having trouble locating the Bosch branded one, try asking for the Varta Silver Dynamic.

Was it cheaper?


ps. I hope that wasn’t a ‘present’ for Trudy!?

From my local supplier, yes it was �10 cheaper than if they had to order one in from Bosch.

no it wasn’t a present (Thats the new Kitchen )

Good info, thanks Phil


Yep, I think I remember reading in the mag I had they were identical. I think it actually came out better in the test because of the price.

Around my neck of the woods, no one could get the Varta one though and it ended up the Bosch was only �30 anyway.

Phil, Did you notice a big difference when you first started it up?

Did i notice any difference? Oh yes , the new batt seemed to spin the engine twice as quick as mine and that still has the original battery

Looks like i may get one for my car too