Boot Dimensions

Hello Guys,

With Classic Le Mans coming up soon and Sincs putting my car back together as we speak…I need some kind gent to give me the boot dimensions.

Obviously with the arch it will be tricky but the widest point will do and we will guess the arch from there.

I know you’ve been talking about the bags solution recently but I saw a mini mini england flag suitcase the other day and reckon it might fit…

Hopefully it will fit…we will win the world cup…and it will bring the tears back to the french eyes when they see it. Hehe.

Thanks very much,

I wouldn’t even think about using a suitcase to be honest. The engine cover aperture is smaller than the available space in the boot, & the airbox further restricts the space through which you need to manoeuvre luggage.

Your choice of course! :wink:

Mr Pesky is on the money again. Sticking a large empty bag into the boot, and then loading it (and the reverse for unloading) is the only way to go - plus sticking smaller stuff in all the nook and crannies. Make sure that you keep your face cream on you though - it gets a bit hot in there :crazy:


Are you planing some one man road trips then Graham :smiley:

PMSL :smiley: