Boot box?

(Flame suit on)

Has anybody ever fitted some sort of removable boot box into the Exige engine bay, just for the occassional long weekend trip?

Wouldn’t that be an oven.

“Place cake mixture in boot box and drive at 6000rpm for approximately 25 minutes…”

More seriously, I’d have thought anything more than is in there now would cause a cooling issue.


I have just been on a long weekend to Scotland and just put everything in plaggy bags…

I have just been on a long weekend to Scotland and just put everything in plaggy bags…

Bloody pikeys

Carry all that litter in a shopping trolly too no doubt

I’snt that cured with an upgrade to an S2 seriously though, I use the holdall and plastic bag trick;

Insertion Instructions

  1. insert hold all into boot
  2. insert half filled plastic bag into holdall
  3. top up plastic bag in hold all with remaining items
  4. remember to remove any combustible items that i shouldnt have put in when first puting bag into holdall
  5. repeat step 2 & 3

Removal instructions

  1. when arriving at hotel find an out of view parking bay
  2. remove first layer of clother and quickly dump on passengers lap (much to her anoyance)
  3. repeat step 2 until you can pull pastic bag out (after much swearing and heaving)
  4. remove holdall
  5. quickly insert clothes into holdall hoping no one has noticed the farce (highly unlikely)
  6. walk in a calm and dignified non flustered manner towards you destination


Hmm…not sure about the engine bay heat issue. Has anybody tried or looked into this before?

The storage area can be insulated like the boot box in the Elise. Hopefully it’ll only get a little warm, not quite hot enough to bake a cake

You couldn’t bake a cake but you could definately make a superb caserole or stew…

It must sit at a decent 70C to 90C depending on speed and ambient temps, then over 100C stuck in traffic! And there’ll be no way what so ever of insulating it unless you swap the engine to move the airbox.

Can’t be that hot, can it?

I see Bernard still has the orignal boot in his Audi Liz (ok, the Elise engine cover does have more vents than the perspex cover, but that engine with the intercooler should also generate more heat in the engine bay than a VHPD )

Many of those Honda/Audi Elises still have a boot, with the exhaust manifold right in front of it too.

The Elise boot seals off fromt he engine bay.

The Exige boot is still connected to the engine bay and only has a small ali partition between the “boot” and the airbox, there’s no way to insulate it from the engine and as the engine runs at a steady ~82C it’s gotta be that hot… It does get mega hot in there! And my clothes have always come out nice and toasty!


I did my brother a favour by fetching him 2 x 5l tubs of B and Q exterior paint. Thinking that a spillage inside the car would be horrific I stuck them in ‘the boot’.

It was one of the hottest days this year…

On arriving home I could smell ‘brake fluid’ I leant down to ‘sniff’ the nearside front…nothing, the nearside rear…

Looking throught the spokes I see a small stream of ‘Devon Cream finest exterior paint dripping out of the clam’

It was one of those - I dare not look moments…

What a mucking fess! Thank goodness it was water soluable - Headstand with a hose pipe sorted it.

Turns out the tub base must have been split and sealed itself on the shelf. The heat in the boot opened it up spilling its contents from the bottom

Mind you I reckon it would have done some proper damage if I had fetched it in wah gerts Jag!!!